23 Innovative Skyscraper Designs That Were Selected As Winners And Honorable Mentions Of The 2022 eVolo Magazine Skyscraper Competition

Haptic Architects, Ramboll
Tomas Stokke, Shonn Mills, United Kingdom, Singapore
Honorable mention
Skyscraper Competition 2022

“The Regenerative Highrise is located in Grønland, a multicultural neighborhood in downtown Oslo.

The proposed new high-rise tower at Oslo’s Grønland metro station seeks to use the city’s large-scale development as a way to repair or improve the downtown area. First, it is a site of unique potential, where the metro meets the river above and its adjacent riverside and cycle path. As such, the new tower becomes a vertical link of these existing and developing transportation networks, including the increased use of the city’s waterways for electric ferries.

The tower structure reuses an existing motorway viaduct at its base, creating active facades on three levels: the canal and metro level; the main street and the level of the viaduct. The base of the tower gives back to the city, providing cultural, leisure and sports facilities for the city’s residents. The motorway viaduct is being repurposed for recreational purposes, to ensure that the embodied carbon of the existing structure is not wasted.

The tower itself aims to address the challenge of waste in the construction industry. Changing needs and standards often lead to the demolition and reconstruction of relatively new buildings. The proposed tower uses regenerative design at its core, ensuring future flexibility for change.

A superstructure made up of 3-storey structural bridges allows the tower to be reprogrammed over time. Triple-height Sky Villages are flexible and can accommodate a variety of uses, such as a single-story production space, two office floors, three residential floors, or even a row of adjoining housing.

As the pandemic has shown, needs and demands can change suddenly, and the built fabric must be able to respond accordingly. The uses of the Regenerative Highrise can be changed easily, from offices to hotels, from residential to production or leisure.

The engineering philosophy is developed with the idea of ​​maximizing the future flexibility and adaptability of engineering systems.

The structural solution is based on the concept of a “hard floor / soft floor” where the superstructure of the tower includes a permanent hard floor every three levels and then a free flexible volume above. The idea behind the “hard ground / soft ground” philosophy is to move away from traditional static structures and create a new typology of vertical urbanism.

Hard floors are envisioned as a composite wood construction using recycled steel framing members and cross-laminated timber (CLT) floor plates. The vertical and lateral load bearing system is a combination of glulam/steel composite columns and a precast concrete central core. The “soft floor” volumes will be filled with ready-to-use modular living components which may include elemental structure and complete volumetric pre-finished elements.

The Building Services (MEP) solution is also designed to maximize tower flexibility. With a hierarchy of centralized and decentralized MEP systems designed to maximize tower flexibility. Centralized systems are limited to the main basic utilities of electricity, data, water and drainage, with the remaining systems hosted locally on the “hard floors”. The “hard floor” MEP systems will include heating, cooling and ventilation which will be pre-engineered off-the-shelf.

One of the primary goals of Regenerative Highrise engineering systems is to focus on carbon lifecycle management. The main structural framework is envisioned as a composite wood structure, taking advantage of the benefits provided by eco-friendly precast concrete, recycled steel and wood to reduce and sequester carbon in the structure.

Finally, the building is to be crowned with a new peak, providing Grønland with the vantage point and green space enjoyed by the outer suburbs of Oslo.”

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