34 new gift ideas for grandparents

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Becoming a new grandparent is an exciting time, and what better way to say congratulations than with a thoughtful gift for the new grandparent in your life? Maybe you have just had a baby and are looking for the perfect gift for your grandparents or in-laws to say “thank you in advance for all the babysitting you are going to do”. Or maybe you are just looking for something sweet for someone you love who has just become a grandparent.

Whether you want to give them a sentimental gift to remember that special moment, or want something more practical, we’ve got you covered. Some gifts on this list will come in handy when it comes time for grandma and grandpa to babysit, and others are just meant for grandparents to have fun. Whether they’re always flying out on new adventures or they like to stay indoors and cook up a gourmet feast, whether they live nearby or far away but are already planning their next visits. grandchildren, we’ve got you covered. And of course there are a lot of personalized photo gifts on this list, because if there’s one thing that I know grandparents love, it’s showing everyone pictures of their grand-baby. within 5 feet.

Even if you were the one who gave them the gift of a grandchild before, here are 34 other gifts you can buy right now for new grandparents.

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This high-tech photo frame

Digital Photo Frame

Grandparents will love this. You can send images directly to the frame’s email address and they will appear instantly. So every time you take a new cute photo of the baby, you can have it appear in the frame immediately. Then grandma and grandpa can press the heart button on the photo to say thank you. How cute??


This personalized family jewelry

Family Flower Garden Necklace

Grandma will love this personalized necklace. You can make one that has their birthstone, their son or daughter’s birthstone, and the new baby’s birthstone for a meaningful family gift.


These fun mugs

Promoted Grandma / Grandpa Mugs

These mugs would be a super cute way to surprise your parents with the news that there is a newcomer on the way. But even though the new baby is already here, we’re sure grandma and grandpa will love these mugs.


This diary to fill in

The Diary of a Lifetime: Grandparents

This journal contains 60 meaningful prompts such as “Please itemize what you know about our family tree” and “Tell me about the things that make you happy”. New grandparents can fill it out and add photos or other keepsakes. Think of it as a thoughtful way to learn more about your family and pass on memories to future generations.


This beautiful travel bag

Travel travel bag

Nothing says “please come visit soon” like a nice gym bag. Grandma will already be planning her next trip when she sees this gift.


This smart home appliance

Echo Show 8

Depending on how tech-savvy Grandma and Grandpa are, they might need a little help setting this one up. But once they do, they’ll be able to video chat with the family at any time (assuming the other family members have an Alexa app or an Echo device with a screen). And that’s just the beginning. They can also watch TV shows or movies, listen to podcasts or audiobooks, control smart home devices, and display pictures.


This personalized welcome mat

Personalized welcome mat

This welcome mat really says it all. Grandma and Grandpa will be happy to set it up on the porch as soon as they unpack it.


This all-in-one nursery setup

Center of the crèche

For grandparents who will babysit regularly, this is a perfect gift. It is a changing table, cradle and play center that has compartments for diapers, wipes and other essentials. Plus, it folds up easily so they can store it away when not in use.


This pretty photo frame

Personalized photo frame

This personalized photo frame would be a great addition to their family photo display in their living room.


This simple baby monitor

Baby audio monitor

This little baby monitor will be useful if the baby takes a nap (or stays overnight) with grandmother and grandfather. It works up to 1,000 feet away, allowing them to spend time in the garden or anywhere else in the house while the baby is sleeping. And it couldn’t be easier to use – no complicated Wi-Fi setups or new apps to download here.


These pretty plants

Hanging succulent arrangement


This sleep set

Tight sleep kit

New grandparents need a rest if they want to babysit. Help them get quality sleep with this gift set that includes a silk eye pillow, lavender chamomile sleep spray, gel eye mask, and lavender-filled muslin pouches organic and flax seeds.


This luxury body butter

54 Thrones Body Butter

New grandparents also deserve some pampering. Keep their skin soft with this face and body butter made with natural ingredients from African artisans. It comes in flavors like coconut and Moroccan almond, ylang-ylang and orange blossom from Egypt, and vanilla and honey from Ethiopia.


This elegant changing bag

Convertible Diaper Backpack

Who would have thought that a changing bag could be so chic? This adjustable leather bag has plenty of pockets for diapers and other essentials, so grandparents will have everything they need for a day with their grand-baby.


This pretty photo calendar

Personalized photo calendar

Grandma and Grandpa can count the days until their next visit with the grandchild using this personalized photo calendar.


This Airbnb gift card

Airbnb gift card

If you want new grandparents to come visit you, but don’t really have space to house them (hello, dear little apartment dwellers), an Airbnb gift card is a smart way to get them. help get to your town and spend time with their new grandsons.


This custom art

Grandparents and Grandchildren Two State Print

If the new grandparents live in another state, this cute personalized print reminds them that they are always close to your family’s hearts.


This cozy candle

Green Mint Eucalyptus Candle


This creamy chocolate

Kanda chocolates

Whether you’re giving it away for a special occasion or as a “just because” gift for new grandparents, no grandparent’s home is complete without candy. These fair trade chocolate bars are made with Ghanaian cocoa, which makes them extra creamy and delicious.


This colorful apron

Reused sari patchwork apron

Whether they’re baking cookies, grilling, or cooking up a gourmet meal, all grandparents will love this one-of-a-kind colorful apron made from reused sari samples.


This elegant pitcher set

Pitcher & Goblets Set

If Grandma is the type to always have a batch of lemonade (or sangria) ready for visitors, she will certainly appreciate this magnificent set.


Those golf ball whiskey coolers

Golf Ball Whiskey Coolers

If grandpa loves his bourbon and spends his afternoons on the golf course, he’ll love these whiskey coolers.


This baseball park mug

Insulated Pint Baseball Park Map

If new grandparents are sports fans, they’ll love to pack this insulated mug with a print of their favorite baseball field while taking baby for a walk around the neighborhood.


This leather photo keychain

Leather photo key ring

Grandpa will love this personalized leather keychain with a photo of his favorite people.


This fun t-shirt

“My Favorite People Call Me Grandma” T-Shirt

This t-shirt says it all. Grandma will be happy to throw it away, whether she’s babysitting or just going for coffee with friends.


These easy slip-ons

Pull-on wool

She will be the most stylish grandmother in the world with these comfortable slip-ons available in a variety of colors. And if the going gets tough, these shoes are machine washable.


These classically cool sunglasses

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

They’ll be the coolest grandparents on the playground with these classic sunglasses.


This pretty dress for pajama parties

Baby plush bathrobe

We can already see Grandma taking 1,000 after bath time photos once she wraps the baby in this cute dress which has over 22,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.


This logbook

good night moon

If grandparents are babysitting children, giving them books to have for the baby would be a nice gesture. If you can find hardback books of your own childhood favorites to give to your mom and dad, we’re sure they’ll be touched (and more than a little nostalgic for when you were their baby).


This specialty coffee

Red Bay Cafe

Nothing says “thank you for babysitting” like a bag of specialty coffee. This one is roasted in California and has hints of dark chocolate and cane sugar.


This personalized tape measure

Custom tape measure

Grandpa will smile every time he goes to work on something, thanks to this personalized tape measure with a sweet message.


This light dress

Waffle Bathrobe

Everyone needs a good dress. This lightweight, textured Parachute model will last for years and years and would make a great gift for any grandparent.


These beautiful flowers


Whether you are looking for something that says “thank you for babysitting” or just want to send them a sweet gift because you love them, a bouquet of fresh flowers is always a good choice.


This beginner yoga set

Yoga Starter Kit

Being a grandparent usually involves sitting on the floor with the baby, lifting the baby, putting it in a crib, going on excursions with the baby … you get the idea. Yoga is the perfect way to help new grandparents do all things baby with ease. This beginner’s kit contains everything they need to get started with gentle yoga sessions.

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