6 Keto and Low Carb Meal Delivery Services

Willpower aside, it can be difficult to stick to a special diet due to the amount of preparation and planning involved. This is especially true when you are balancing things like macronutrients, which play a key role in carbohydrate-conscious diets. That’s why, when it comes to staying on track, low-carb, low-keto meal delivery services can be the difference between hitting your wellness goals and giving up altogether. All of the recipe research, calculations, and measurements are done for you, so you’re less likely to go wrong on a busy or stressful day (which ends up derailing your ketone levels).

Keto and Low Carb meal delivery services offer two types of meals: prepared, reheat, and eat-in foods that can be reheated and enjoyed in minutes, or meal kits with pre-prepared recipes and ingredients. -doors. The former is best if you need to-go lunch options, are short on prep and clean-up time, or just don’t want to cook; the latter is best if you like to cook the food yourself, and it’s also a great opportunity to learn new recipes.

While there are a number of healthy meal delivery services to choose from, it can be more difficult to find keto-compliant options. Here are some stellar choices to fit your low-carb lifestyle and help you maintain it.

Best Keto Meal Delivery Overall

Restaurant-grade food ready to reheat and enjoy

  • Cost per serving: $ 11 and more
  • Type of meal: Prepared meals (to reheat and eat)

Factor_ (formerly Factor75) was one of the first keto meal delivery services on the scene. Starting only with real ingredients without GMOs or artificial preservatives, the meal makers behind Factor_ make ready-to-eat dishes like Jalapeño Popper Burgers and Chicken a la Vodka on Zucchini Noodles. All meats are ethically produced: the beef is grass fed, the chicken does not contain antibiotics, and the pigs are raised on pasture. While not a guarantee, the ingredients are locally sourced and organically grown where possible.

You can start with as few as four meals per week, or go up to 18 meals per week. Prices range from $ 11 to $ 15 per meal, depending on the plan you choose. You can also opt for keto-friendly supplements like grass-fed beef bone broth, turmeric wellness shots, and peanut butter and cocoa truffles. If you’re not on strict keto or feed a carbohydrate eater in your household, you can also choose from other diet-friendly meals, like Paleo, Low-Calorie, Vegetarian, and Dairy-Free (for n ‘ to name a few). Now, you can get $ 73 off your first five boxes, which includes 50% off your first order and tiered discounts thereafter.

Best low-carb meal delivery for pre-made meals

Great for a low carb lifestyle

  • Cost per serving: $ 9 and more
  • Type of meal: Prepared meals (to reheat and eat)

FreshlyIn shape is a healthier meal delivery option from the makers of Freshly. All meals are balanced in macronutrients and developed by nutritionists for energy and performance. When browsing the Keto + Paleo menu options, you can click on a meal to see the breakdown of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and calories. Please note: the nutritional information does not give values ​​for fiber, so you may need to contact directly for more specific information. All meals are also gluten-free and prepared in a certified gluten-free kitchen.

You can choose from over a dozen dishes, like turkey and turkey meatballs and baked Florentine chicken, which change weekly. As with Factor_, the dishes are fully prepared and ready to cook. Just put them in the microwave or oven, whichever you prefer. Plans start at four meals per week and go up to 12 meals per week. Prices range from $ 9 to $ 12 per meal, and shipping charges are added at checkout.

Best Low Carb Meal Delivery Kit

Kits that allow you to choose your food preferences

  • Cost per serving: $ 14.50 and over
  • Type of meal: Meal kits (pre-portioned ingredients, cooking required)

Sunbasket offers a selection of carbohydrate-conscious meal kits that you can customize to suit your dietary preferences. When you navigate to “Create Your Order” you can choose from a list of over a dozen factors (including low in carbs, high in protein, avoid grains, avoid seafood, etc.) to narrow down your menu options. Then you can choose your settings for two or four (each meal kit serves two) and two to five dinners per week, making it a flexible option to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Prices start at $ 15 per serving and new registrations can take advantage of $ 90 off your first four deliveries, plus free delivery and a free gift, with code SEMBMKSPRING90.

Best Keto Meal Delivery Kit

Browse a selection of keto / paleo foods you can cook at home

  • Price per portion: $ 11.50 and over
  • Type of meal: Meal kits (ingredients arrive pre-portioned, but you must prepare and cook meals)

Unlike the others on this list, Green Chef offers keto meal kits rather than fully prepared meals. If you love to cook, but just don’t have time to shop and divide up ingredients for your meals, this is the answer you’re looking for. When you sign up for Green Chef, you can choose the Keto + Paleo Meal Plan, which offers grain-free and gluten-free meals that make it easy to monitor your carbohydrate intake. The meal options change weekly (you can also see what happens in the next couple of weeks) and you can choose from recipes like Chicken Con Queso and Creamy Shrimp Primavera. Green Chef is also a certified organic company, so all ingredients are sourced in the most responsible and ethical way possible.

When building your box, you tell Green Chef if you are feeding two, four or six people and whether you want three or four meals a week. Prices will adjust accordingly, from $ 11.50 to $ 13 per serving. Currently, you can get $ 103 off your first five boxes.

Best Keto Meal Delivery for Dinners

Quick and easy meals make weekday dinners (or lunches) a snap

  • Cost per serving: $ 10.50 and more
  • Type of meal: Prepared meals (to reheat and eat)

Snap Kitchen’s delicious heat up and eat keto meals will be a convenient addition to your keto lifestyle. Although there is a limited amount of dishes available, the menu changes regularly and other meals consistent with the diet are available if you feed other members of your household.

Meals can be personalized to suit your dietary needs, so this is a great preset option for anyone following a specific dietary lifestyle, and all foods are gluten-free. Each meal comes pre-portioned in microwave and oven safe containers, making them fit to take to work and eliminating most of your cleanup. Plan options include six meals for $ 76 per week and 12 meals for $ 126 per week, the latter giving you the best bang for your buck. You can also save more money by using code HABIT40, which saves your first four orders by $ 10.

Best Keto Meal Delivery for All Three Meals

Pick and choose keto-friendly breakfasts, lunches, and dinners

  • Cost per serving: 10.50 and over
  • Type of meal: Prepared meals (to reheat and eat)

Fresh n ‘Lean offers a low net carb keto meal plan, full of healthy fats, and made with sustainably sourced protein. Like most of the others on this list, you can choose from an ever-changing menu that includes staples, like Beef Sloppy Joes, as well as more advanced meals, like Cuban Ground Beef Encebollado. Fresh n ‘Lean also offers limited options for breakfast and lunch.

You can choose from any combination of plans (dinner only, lunch and dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner, breakfast only) and whether you want them delivered five or seven days a week. You can also select up to three ingredients, such as elk, seafood, or eggs, to be excluded from your meal plan due to allergies or personal preference. All meals are gluten free.

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