6 spirits and wines with remarkable bottle designs

In some cases, wines or spirits, be it tequila, whiskey or rum, are beautifully bottled but underwhelming in taste. Others are pleasant on the palate but uninspired in their presentation. Ideally, what you’re drinking shouldn’t miss a beat when it comes to either, and with the growing number of brands offering design-worthy bottling as remarkable as the drink itself , the chances of this happening become more likely than not.

“Packaging has always been an essential part of marketing wines and spirits, but bottle design has definitely become more creative in recent years,” says Michael Anstendig, spirits and wine expert and co-author of the book. The Japanese art of cocktails. Brands are investing in their packaging, he says, to have a point of differentiation in an increasingly competitive market. “Even if a wine or spirit is premium, consumers see its bottles first when they’re in bars and restaurants or liquor stores,” Anstendig adds. “It is an element that counts more and more. Also, these bottles are meant to be keepsakes.

A trio of Patsch bottles.

Photo: Taka Kawachi

The new Patsch tequila brand is an example of a spirit that wins points for both taste and design. The three expressions – blanco, reposado and añejo – are presented in a provocative glass carafe featuring a balloon-shaped bottle, knuckle handle and spiked cap. Co-founder Martin Schapira, who designed the bottle, says he was inspired by fashion and his love of beautiful objects. “I looked at the late Alexander McQueen and the tips and knuckles of several of his handbags, which I really like,” he says.

Patsch’s tequilas are produced at one of Mexico’s finest distilleries, which crafts the spirit without additives and using only organic, fully-ripened Blue Weber agave. All of these tequilas work in cocktails, but this is a luxury item best enjoyed, at least in our opinion, while sipping on a drink, neat or on the rocks.

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