7 unique gift basket ideas for a movie night for Christmas 2020

This holiday season, we’ll be watching movies differently. Instead of sitting in a dark theater with the wait for the last movie, we cuddle on the sofa with the remote control.

Of course, we know this is disappointing. But here at Decider, we like to make lemonade from lemons, or more specifically, movie theaters from living rooms. And, if you or a loved one is also suffering from movie withdrawal, we want to help you create the perfect movie night gift basket to get you through it all in style, grace, and comfort.

You might not be able to share your emotions with other moviegoers, but we’re pretty sure these Christmas movie gift basket ideas will help fill the silver screen hole in our collective hearts.

wine preservative
Photo: Amazon

Sometimes you want to pour yourself a glass of wine to go along with the main feature. And while we won’t judge if this bottle is finished until the credits roll, these little rubber stoppers will just help you create an airtight seal so you can save it for another showing.

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comfortable blanket
Photo: Amazon

This cordless, battery powered fleece blanket may be the best part of sitting on the couch this holiday season, although you might want to sew your name on it because it’s going to be popular. Comfortable and stylish, the Cozee puts those old lumpy electric blankets to shame, keeping you warm enough for dual functions – and the rechargeable battery can double as a phone charger with its two USB ports. Plus, it’s big enough for two, in case you want (need) to share.

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lights of happiness
Photo: BlissLights

Create your own stars at home with this LED laser projector. Small and easy to hide, the Sky Lite comes with a six hour timer that lets you choose to throw moving stars or a blue nebula cloud, or let you cycle through each lighting effect. But don’t worry, the BlissLights Sky Lite just sets the scene, it won’t steal it.

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Photo: Glérups

Is it a shoe or is it a slipper? With Glerups, you won’t have to choose, as these outrageously comfortable slip-ons are made from a hybrid of the softest Danish Gotland wool and white New Zealand wool and then fitted with a sole made of natural rubber. This ensures that they can also be worn outdoors, in case you need to purchase additional Raisinetes or Junior Mints. Just a warning, once you put them on you may never want to take them off again.

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Hot pop
Photo: Amazon

Cinema popcorn is overrated. So for those of you who want quick microwave popcorn at home but hate the extra calories and the artificial bag liner, we can’t stress how easy it is to use this popper. . Simply pour your beans and any seasoning you want into the bottom of the toxin-free silicone bowl, discard the lid, and microwave for 2-4 minutes. You can add butter or oil, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. The HotWave popper is also dishwasher safe, then folds up for easy storage.

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capri candle
Photo: ONS

Get in the mood for a movie night with this musky, sweet and bitter Capri candle from Bougie Parfumee. Inspired by the iconic film Le Mepris and the Villa Malaparte, the light and heartwarming scent is as stylized as Goddard himself. So turn it on, lean back and get ready to get carried away.

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Austere power V
Photo: Austere

Setting up a proper home theater can be overwhelming. But aside from finding the right parts, from a TV to a soundbar to a streaming device and a projector, you’re probably struggling with all those power cords as well. That’s where the Austere Series V power strip comes in. Not only does it include six outlets for all sizes of power sources, it also ingeniously integrates five USB fast charging outlets for phones and tablets and a USB-C port. of 45 W for laptops. But the best part about this luxury accessory is its sleek brushed aluminum case and royal blue trim. Just because it’s technology doesn’t have to be blah.

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