7-year-old transforms Zomato delivery man after dad crashes and rides bike until 11 p.m.

In a tragic yet inspiring story, a 7-year-old schoolboy became a Zomato delivery agent after his father’s accident. He rides his bike to deliver food to customers until 11 p.m.

A schoolboy delivers food for Zomato

The boy’s story was revealed in a Twitter thread shared by user Rahul Mittal. He said the boy went to school during the day and delivered food at night to support his family.

In the caption, Mittal wrote: “This 7 year old boy is doing his job as a father because his father had an accident, the boy goes to school in the morning and after 6 years he works as a delivery boy for @zomato, we gotta get this boy’s energy going and help his dad get his legs together #zomato”.

In the video shared by Mittal, he can be heard having a conversation with the underage boy. The boy who holds chocolates in one hand and a phone in the other said he went door-to-door from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. to deliver food.

Twitterati reacts

The Twitter video has already been viewed over 32,000 times and many users have applauded the bravery of the young boy. Many also thought it was a sad situation. Looked.

Zomato’s answer

Later, even Zomato responded to the boy’s video urging the user to share his father’s details with them.

It comes just a week after a video of a specially disabled man delivering food in his motorized wheelchair went viral. The video was shared on Instagram by a page called Grooming Bulls.

In the short clip, Agent Zomato could be seen specially able to deliver food in a wheelchair. His wheelchair was attached to a motor so transportation could be easy.

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