A Scottish castle, Botox and a dose of “self-esteem”

In the midst of war, a lingering and deadly pandemic, and an entertainment industry recovering from years without in-person events, the show must go on. And while it remains to be seen exactly who will tune in to the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday and why, the annual Oscars goodie bag is once again a safe bet for the Academy’s most prestigious nominees.

This year, the 25 actors and directors nominated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for five of its most coveted awards cannot all walk away with a golden statuette. But they are guaranteed a choice of 53 articles, experiences and escapades compiled and provided by marketing firm Distinctive Assets.

Stars such as Will Smith, Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman and Andrew Garfield can choose their favorites from around $140,000 in gifts to be delivered to their homes this week – down $65,000 from the value of gifts provided in the gift bag from last year. The main themes of this year: well-being, eco-responsibility and diversity.

“I feel like despite all the bad news in the world, it really is an important form of self-preservation and self-care to set aside some time for fun, fabulous and frivolous, and [the gift bag] definitely falls into that category,” says Lash Fary, founder of Distinctive Assets.

Options ranging from the luxurious, like a $50,000 three-night stay in a 17th-century Scottish castle or a $15,600 four-night spa getaway to California’s Golden Door resort, to more practical, like a tincture made from $9 botanicals and minerals a $14 hair remover or detangler brush – are available to all Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, and Best Director nominees, for a combined value of $3.5 million in offers.

For the indulgent, stars can choose to try a variety of vegan and cruelty-free CBD skincare lines or work out with three at-home training sessions in Los Angeles led by ‘fitness legend’ Diego. Sebastian. They can also get involved in environmentalism by calling themselves Lord or Lady of Glencoe, Scotland to own and keep a plot of land, or even sign a pre-stamped PETA postcard addressed to the CEO of SeaWorld asking him to stop breeding dolphins and retire everything. marine mammals at seaside sanctuaries.

“We’re not ending a war or ending poverty, but I think we’re able to provide a fun little distraction for now,” Fary says.

The cost of giveaways is entirely absorbed by participating brands, who pay a minimum of $4,000 to have a product or service in the giveaway bag offerings and up to $25,000 to be a sponsor. That’s not a bad deal considering that a 30-second spot on Sunday night shows costs $2 million, with companies hoping nominees will draw attention to their products on social media or in media appearances. Recipients also pay income tax for the monetary value of any gifts accepted.

Here’s a breakdown of the ten most valuable gift bag deals from this year’s Oscars:

Turin Castle Scotland

Price: $50,000

Built in 1659, the 10-room Turin Castle offers all-inclusive butler and catering service, piper welcome upon arrival, private gin tasting, and fully personalized concierge service. This gift is a three-night stay for two people.

construction of houses

Price: $25,000

The construction and development company, which specializes in building and renovating bespoke luxury homes, makes its services available to manage an Oscar nominee’s next renovation or upgrade project for free.

golden door

Price: $15,600

On a four-night stay for two at the luxury Golden Door resort, guests can try personalized fitness, spa and nutrition programs with daily massages, private hiking trails, gourmet dining and Moreover.

3D Wellness Retreat

Price: $15,000

This three-day luxury holistic wellness retreat includes activities such as sound baths, meditation, yoga, ‘aura cleansing’ and more.

art lipo

Price: $12,000

Owned by former artist and figure sculptor Dr. Thomas Su, this Florida plastic surgery company offers the trademark “Celebrity Arms Sculpting,” which claims to “give women an instant, toned look” for their arms.

Services of Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich

Price: $10,000

Dr. Vasyukevich’s Upper East Side office performs rejuvenation treatments and procedures including chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, injectables/fillers, Botox and more.

The services of Kayote Joseph

Price: $1,200

Based in Mexico City, “holistic healing expert” Kayote Joseph helps clients heal from within with guided meditations and visualizations.


Price: $1,200

A year’s supply of “breathable” Oxygenetix foundation made from an aloe-based gel claims to build collagen and elastin.

Self-love with Nicola

Price: $1,111

A session with “self-love coach” Nicola Fernandes promises to help “let go of fear, disconnection and the need for external validation”.

HempHera Cosmetics

Price: $1,040

This women-created skincare line uses nanotechnology to make CBD particles 100 times smaller and much easier for the skin to absorb. The gift set includes best-selling items from a range of products including facial cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers.

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