A special surprise: Post office worker receives gift basket from local youth on Postal Workers Day – The Demopolis Times

Roman Lawrence made a surprise visit to the Demopolis post office last week on National Postal Workers Day.

Demopolis post office clerk Michelle Laduron received a very pleasant surprise last Friday, July 1, when Roman Lawrence presented her with a gift basket on the occasion of National Postal Workers Day.

La Poste Demopolis expressed their thanks for the surprise and thanked Lawrence for thinking of them.

” 1st of the month is always an eventful day for the clerks of the Demopolis Post Office. Today was no different. But right in the middle of a crowded hall, young Roman Lawrence came to brighten the day for Clerk, Michelle Laduron and the postmen of Demopolis. Thanks for thinking of us Roman!”

National Postal Workers Day is celebrated on July 1 every year. It celebrates and recognizes postal workers and the hard work they put in to ensure your mail and deliveries reach you smoothly and on time. Did you know that in the United States, postal workers travel an average of four to eight miles a day, delivering letters and packages to our doorsteps?

There are approximately 490,000 postal workers in the United States alone who work diligently to deliver the mail. The Postal Service Act gave birth to the Post Office Department, which later became a cabinet-level department and was later transformed by the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 into the United States Postal Service (USPS) as an independent agency. The USPS is authorized by the United States Constitution.

While the world may have embraced advertisingvThanks to technology, postal services are still important for communication, especially in rural villages and small towns. The USPS is nothing without its postal workers who work hard to uphold the reputation and integrity of the institution they serve. Thus, National Postal Workers Day was instituted by postal carriers in the Seattle area to honor their co-workers. These include, but are not limited to, service clerks who sell stamps and help people pick up packages, mail sorters who physically sort mail to ensure it is sent to the correct addresses , letter carriers who deliver the mail and a vehicle driver who drives the vehicle carrying the mail.

This day also encourages people around the world to take a moment to appreciate their postal workers and express their gratitude. Sometimes, even in harsh conditions like extreme heat or cold, blizzards, rains, etc., they continue to provide interrupted services. They are nothing less than everyday heroes and deserve our recognition.

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