Angels Pix gifts are collectibles with celestial designs.

A modern view of angels.

Penny Kritt, award-winning artist and founder of Angels Pix, has created a host of imagined angels in everyday life.

She creates playful designs and offers them on affordable gift items that people use in everyday life. Pins and mugs, tote bags and mouse pads put angels at your fingertips.

These unique products are only available on This makes them particularly desirable for collectors of angelic art. The recipient will be reminded daily of your affection. Penny creates multicultural angels and her designs include people and pets.

“Add angels to your daily life. Although no one can prove that angels exist, people say that believing in them provides a sense of calm and protection from life’s struggles,” according to Penny.

The Penny Angel variety has a strong bond with people, both for protection and companionship. One of her teenage angels wears a bikini and is a lifeguard at the pool. Little cherubs attend birthday parties and angel grandmothers visit grandchildren. His angels also love animals and guy angels like to play video games with their human buddies.

Inspired by the strong connection between Beyoncé and Jay-Z, she taps into the couple’s aura of closeness. They are physically connected in almost every photo, holding hands and leaning against each other. In candid shots, if they are not side by side, they are always smiling at each other. Penny shows the same interaction between angels and their companions.

Other drawings only evoke an angelic presence. Using a strong graphic for the word “LOVE”, the letter o is a halo and the letter v is a pair of angel wings. Mixing text with a variety of background colors can create a mug set where each person can choose a custom combination that includes metallic accents.

Penny says her clients are angels to her and American workers. Its products are made specifically for each buyer at the time of purchase. Penny appreciates the support of an independent artist who does not want to mass-produce objects that will end up in the landfill if they are not sold.

To further protect the planet, Penny selects environmentally friendly items, materials and delivery methods.

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About Pix Angels

Angels Pix is ​​a brand created by Penny Kritt, an award-winning artist and art teacher. She is also the creator of the DVD Painting with Penny Kritt.

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