AusPost extends opening hours and offers twilight delivery for the holiday season

Still haven’t done your gift shopping? It does not matter, AusPost is doing everything to adapt to the chaos of Christmas!


From November 27, Australia Post outlets will extend their hours of operation and offer twilight delivery to tackle the December craze.

The exact opening hours can be found by consulting your local post office here.

More than 380 AusPost outlets will accommodate the major influx of parcel deliveries across the country, with this year’s estimate set to exceed last year’s 52 million packages delivered in December.

With Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales expected to add large numbers of packages to the already busy Christmas season, Australia Post will also charter additional planes, put more vans on the road, recruit additional workers and will open new temporary facilities to combat the chaos.

Rod Barnes, executive general manager of deliveries at Australia Post, said his team “was pushing hard.”

“Over the past few weeks, we have recruited nearly 300 drivers specifically to take the after-hours routes through Melbourne and Perth, and we hope our twilight service will help us deliver an additional 25,000 parcels per day to these two. cities only, so if you hear one of our drivers arriving maybe just as you get home, don’t be surprised, ”he said.

“Many of our post offices have also extended their opening hours to give our customers greater flexibility in their shipments and receptions before the big day. “

Communications officer Paul Fletcher said Sky News that he was impressed with the work of AusPost employees so far in adjusting to the recent “huge spike in demand” and working around Qantas and Virgin’s limited flight schedule.


To make sure all of your gifts arrive on time, Australia Post has published their national and international parcel delivery deadlines.

If you are sending packages to / from anywhere in Australia (except WA and NT), the deadline for regular postal packages is December 13 while the express post is December 20.

For those who wish to send love to their friends in Western Australia or the Northern Territory, regular postal packages should be sent by December 8 and express mail by December 15.

For those who send Christmas cards and letters (nawww), you will have to work for December 20 for deliveries in the same condition and December 16 for the interstate.

If you plan to send or receive mail from overseas, the deadlines aren’t that concise.

“International Christmas deliveries may be affected by factors beyond our control, such as customs delays, overseas postal disruptions and COVID-19 restrictions in other countries,” says AusPost. “We recommend that you send as soon as possible. “

To check specific details for international deliveries, visit AusPost.

Good shopping!

Picture (Kritchanut / Getty Images via Canva)

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