Australia Post customers denounce long wait for delivery

Two customers are vying for what can only be described as the most ridiculous experience with Australia Post.

Their two packages have made a journey that some Gray Nomads would be envious of – one has arrived, the other is still in transit.

Nick Goodrick, 58, said A topical matter he has been waiting weeks for Australia Post to deliver a birthday present to his wife.

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Although the anniversary has now come and gone, the package is still traveling along the east coast, with each stop marked in the tracking history.

“He went back to Sydney, then Brisbane, then the Gold Coast, then Sydney,” Goodrick said. A topical matter.

“There have been more places than us in the last two years,” said his wife, Kirsten.

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The parcel was bound for the Gold Coast but after a journey of nearly 9,000 kilometers it has still not been delivered.

“It’s gotten to the stage where it’s laughable, it’s like a guessing game where it will be every day,” Mr Goodrick said.

Mr Goodrick ordered the birthday present online for Kirsten from Western Australia at the end of May, but said the present had been “everywhere” since.

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“They should have an advertisement with this in the background showing a package zigzagging across the country,” Mr Goodrick said.

Where’s the Goodricks’ package gone so far?

  • The next day, June 7, he was bound for the Gold Coast, his intended destination.

At this point, the package had been traveling between cities for two weeks, leaving the Goodricks confused.

“As far as I know now he’s on his way back to Brisbane. So where is he? I don’t know but he’s coming to many places I haven’t been, I can tell you that” , Mr. Goodrick said with a laugh.

But the Goodricks aren’t the only ones who have waited a long time for a delivery.

Gold Coast man Bruce Greenaway, 68, said his package traveled almost double the distance the Goodricks traveled.

“According to Australia Post tracking, he had made at least 21 stopovers and traveled… somewhere around 18,000 kilometres,” Greenaway said.

Bruce’s Parcel Route

  • He did, but the next day he was re-routed to Adelaide airport, not before stopping in the regional town of Parkes and then Melbourne.

  • When it reached the river town again on May 30, Greenaway’s package was making another trip to Adelaide, retracing the same route.

Greenaway said he didn’t expect his package to arrive, and neither did his supplier.

“That’s why…he sent me a replacement supply,” he said.

In a statement to A topical matterAustralia Post said it “processes and delivers up to 14 million parcels every week… sometimes incorrect addresses, smudged or ineligible handwriting or incorrect postcode can create challenges for us”.

But Greenaway said his “name and address were clearly on it in big letters, so you certainly couldn’t take that as an excuse for his long travels.”

Mr Goodrick said: “It’s not the wrong address, it’s on our computer. It was on eBay and we’ve bought hundreds of things on eBay over the years and we have the postbox number For almost 20 years.”

Full statement from an Australia Post spokesperson

Australia Post processes and delivers up to 14 million parcels every week, with the vast majority arriving safely and on time. Sometimes issues such as incorrect address details, smudged or ineligible handwriting or incorrect postcode can create challenges for us, and sometimes our sorting machines can get it wrong. When we were alerted to the problem, Australia Post located both customers’ packages and we have now delivered them safely. We apologize to customers for their late delivery. We work hard to do things right.

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