Banished suffers from a wardrobe malfunction, Charmi is thrilled

Star Plus’ popular show Banished Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) is set for some intense drama. The show is preparing for many interesting story twists to come.

What have we witnessed? We have seen that Banni is determined to expose Manini for using Yuvan.

When Yuvan comes to Banni with his blindfold on, he asks him to blindfold himself as well.

He takes her outside and gives her the birthday surprise while she thanks him for remembering it, showing her gratitude.

Viraj and Charmi who came there get furious seeing them while Viraj pretends to ruin it for his revenge.

But Charmi stops him and tells him that Yuvan doesn’t need Manini’s permission like him and that Manini won’t support him if Banni insults him again.

Meanwhile, Yuvan kisses Banni and asks him about her wish which she wishes in her mind for him to get to know the truth about Manini.

Banished exposes Manini

Manini gets furious as Banni hugs her calling her mother asking her to wish him. However Manini sees Yuvan there and pretends to wish him.

Yuvan asks Manini to prepare Ghewar for Banni as she used to do for him. She is shocked as Banni thinks she will soon expose him.

Banni is shocked when Yuvan gives her the Ghewar prepared by Manini which Banni tastes and shouts that there is fire in the kitchen.

The chef hiding in the kitchen runs out while Banni exposes Manini in front of Yuvan and asks him to come to the truth on his own by telling him that she is not his mother.

Yuvan offers Banni a modern short dress asking her to wear it while she is shocked.

Alpana says she won’t wear it like a wife does for her husband because there is no such relationship. Banished comes in a modern dress with Yuvan shocking everyone.

Unfortunately, Charmi spoils her dress due to which she suffers a wardrobe malfunction in the audience, which makes her embarrassed.

What will Bani do?

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