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If you’ve never ordered meat online before, you might not know where to start. Which cuts are the best? Grass fed or grain fed? Is dry aging important? Fortunately, online stores like ButcherBox, Omaha Steaks, and (believe it or not) several others specialize in meat delivery services that make it easy to pick your protein. Whether you choose a single organized box or a subscription plan, experts swear it’s one of the best ways to get high-quality steak, ground beef, pork chops, and more. Best of all, you won’t have to set foot in a grocery store, and having a full fridge makes meal planning a bit easier.

“You can get more information about your steak when you buy it online than if you bought it in person,” says Iron Chef Marc Forgione, restaurant owner in New York City. Marc Forgione and Peasant. “You can tell if it’s grass or grain fed, what cut it is and how to cook it. You can really dive into it. Michael Chernow, founder of Seamore’s and co-founder of The meatball shop, adds that many companies “deliver great quality products to your front door [and] the variety is amazing.

Whether you’re shopping for steaks for dinner this week or stocking your freezer for grilling season, the vendors below have a wide variety of meat delivery options worth checking out.

Best meat delivery service overall

Flexible service with affordable prices

Porter Road is based in Kentucky, where the company processes its meats. All of the meat comes from pastures in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania and is free of antibiotics and hormones. It is also dry aged and hand cut at Porter Road’s own facility.

For the delivery of meat, you have several options. You can choose any cuts of beef, pork, lamb and / or chicken you want, sign up for a membership, or get an organized box with Porter Road favorites. The company also offers group boxes, including one Stay at home package– which make great gifts for family friends across the country. Most meats, with the exception of sausages, ground beef, and large roasts, arrive fresh.

Best premium meat delivery service

Cups fit for a special occasion

Snake River Farms has a wide selection of premium American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork – and prices to match – so look for them for special occasion cuts. You can purchase cuts individually (and choose a preferred size) or opt for one of three subscription boxes: beef, beef and pork or dry-aged. Most cuts ship frozen, but all dry aged options arrive fresh overnight.

Best Grass-Fed Meat Delivery Service

ButcherBox Offers Cruelty-Free Raised Protein and Seafood

ButcherBox, a subscription model, delivers 100% grass-fed beef, organic free-range chicken, heirloom pork and wild fish right to your door. All meat is sourced from trusted farmers with cruelty-free animal welfare practices. You can choose from five different boxes: Custom, Mixed, Beef and Chicken, Beef and Pork, and All Beef. Each box has a base price that starts at $ 137 per month and from there you can opt for additional cuts inside each shipment or special bulk purchases, like 10 pounds of ground beef. All meats are delivered frozen.

Best prepared meat delivery service

Oven-ready items for effortless meal planning

Rastelli was once an OG butcher in New Jersey that eventually became an online meat supplier. The company offers a wide variety of products without antibiotics, steroids and hormones. meat and seafood at good prices. But what really makes Rastelli shine are his oven-ready items.

You can choose from entrees, like Beef Wellington, three-cheese-stuffed chicken breasts, and bacon-wrapped scallops, which arrive ready to cook. Rather than buying items a la carte, you can also opt for sample boxes, bundles and value packs. All meats arrive frozen.

Best value for money meat delivery service

Order meat with your grocery store

FreshDirect Grocery Delivery Service has a solid selection of meats you can’t miss. You can choose from beef, pork, lamb, chicken, veal, and other specialty meats like bison. You can purchase cups individually or opt for higher value packs which lower the cost per pound. And, since FreshDirect also does the grocery shopping, you can add the rest of your order while you’re at it. Just a warning: FreshDirect mainly serves the northeast, so check out the delivery areas Before ordering. The meat is delivered fresh.

Best meat delivery service for steaks

Quality of the family butcher’s shop

Kansas City Steak Company is an easy way to load up your favorites. The business started as a small, family-owned butcher’s shop in the early 1930s and has grown into a popular direct-to-consumer brand. You can buy by cut or buy steak combo packs which also make great gifts. All steaks are wet aged, so they are super tender when they arrive at your doorstep. Kansas City Steak Company also offers fully cooked chicken, turkey, lamb and pork, as well as fully cooked turkey and ham. All meats arrive frozen.

Best meat delivery service for variety

A wide range of meat, seafood and vegetarian proteins

Crowd Cow has a solid selection of meats including beef, Wagyu, chicken, pork, bison, game, lamb and turkey. The online meat delivery service also offers sustainable seafood and a plant-based protein option that cooks similar to ground beef. You can buy packages of meat individually, opt for packages or choose from specialized boxes, like Wagyu Ultimate Japanese Surf & Turf or the Farmer’s Market Box. There is also a recurring delivery option, but you can customize your box before it ships. All meats arrive frozen.

Better meat delivery service to support local farmers

Enjoy the convenience while supporting the local community

FarmFoods is a convenient way to support local farmers. All 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef comes from small family farms. All the farms are listed on the site, so you can buy them directly or choose from individual cuts or value packs. You can buy beef in bulk (25-100 pounds at a time) or go for bulk packs. FarmFoods also offers pasture raised pork and chicken. All meats arrive frozen.

Best meat delivery service for entertainment

Get proteins, sides, applications and desserts

The company may be called Omaha Steaks, but it offers a lot more than beef. In addition to other proteins like chicken, pork and seafood, as well as meats like veal, bison and turkey, Omaha Steaks offers fully prepared sides, applications and desserts. That means you can order a full gourmet meal to host dinner parties or vacation gatherings, and you can buy wine while you’re at it.

The site also offers slow cooker, single serve, and pan ready meals for simple weekday meals, and then there are gift boxes that make foolproof gifts (especially for the person who has everything). As an added bonus, the company often offers big discounts on a wide variety of items so you can save a lot. One thing to keep in mind is that most foods arrive frozen and may take longer to thaw.

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