Call for entries: Black Rock City 2022 sticker designs

Close your eyes, open your mind and explore your Waking Dreams, because now is the time to create your designs for Black Rock City 2022 stickers! It’s been too long since we’ve been happy with the official BRC decals, so I’m just looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.

Go to the end of this article for design specs, submission guidelines, and deadline (spoiler: it’s May 18, 2022).

Waking Dreams 2022 Theme Poster (Design by DA of Black Rock)

Wait what? You do not know ? We don’t design all of these stickers, YOU do. We just print a metric ton of them and give them away to all the lovely weirdos. So here’s your chance to share your very own piece of sticker art with the entire population of Black Rock City. Every year we print many different designs; usually more than a dozen submissions find their way to the playa.

We love variety! So go ahead and get weird…or existential…or abstract…or whatever your heart desires – these are YOUR stickers after all. You’ll stick them all over your camping gear, car bumpers, friends…and who knows what else.

Feel free to submit a few different models. Don’t forget there East a theme (hint: it’s Daydreams); if your sticker has at least something to do with it, it’s more likely to get printed.

One more thing ! Before submitting your design, please read the requirements below. As much as you want this custom cut axolotl sticker printed, it just won’t. Sad face. (But print them yourself and meet me on playa – axolotls are rad.)

Burning Man Vault of Heaven sticker, 2004 (photographer unknown); Peace, Love and Burning Man sticker, 2005 (Photo by Stacie Mishcon)

Black Rock City 2022 Sticker Design Specifications

  1. Your design(s) will need to be one of these die sizes:
    • 3″ diameter hoop
    • 2.5″ x 5.75 inches with a corner radius of 0.125 inches
    • 3″x 3″ square with a corner radius of 0.062″
  2. You must Describe All Fonts, which means vector text is no longer a font but rather vector shapes. This eliminates issues for the printer not having the font, which is a dealbreaker.
  3. If you are using one to three colors, configure the file to print as PMS. If you are using four or more colors, configure the file to print in CMYK.

Designer tips

  • Did you read the specs? Read the specs!
  • Include “Burning Man” or “Black Rock City” and the year 2022 in your design for bonus points.
  • Incorporate the Waking Dreams theme. Or not. This is your sticker. Just remember what I said above.
Sticker of Perpetual Evolution, 2009 (photo by Steven Fritz); Sticker Metamorphoses by Eric Cifani, 2019 (Photo by George P. Post); BRC sticker, 2011 (Photo by Steven Fritz)

Submit your art

  • Send either a PDF file WHERE (preferably) the original Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) for [email protected].
  • Whether you are submitting your design or questions, please put your first and last name in the subject header along with the phrase “2022 Sticker Submission”.

Deadline for submission of sticker artwork:

Wednesday, May 18, 2022. No art will be accepted after this date!

Did you read the specs? Please read the specifications.
Say the specs again.

Cover image: A collection of BRC stickers over the years (Photos by Steven Fritz, Aspen Moon, David Silverman and burnman)

About the Author: Deets Shay

Deet Shay

Deet Shay is part of the Burning Man Project communications team, overseeing social media content strategy and execution, in addition to leading print production projects. She attended her first Burn in 2012, when she quickly realized she identified with the culture, and has been going back almost every year since. Prior to joining the Burning Man Project staff all year, Deets volunteered for the mutant vehicle department, where she helped process pre-burn mutant vehicle requests and approved vehicle licenses on playa. You can usually find her with her amazing wife Ginger Snap, their Corgi, Mini Waffles, and Shiba Inu, Jinkx.

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