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The latest Galaxy Tab A series optimizes your daily routine, from entertainment to hybrid learning

Samsung Sri Lanka has announced the release of its new Galaxy Tab A8, the most streamlined and powerful Tab A series device to date. The Galaxy Tab A8 packs impressive screen, power and performance into a thin and light design, ready for learning, entertainment, connection and more. It’s an engaging wearable experience that matches users’ everyday lifestyles and budgets and syncs seamlessly with other Galaxy devices.

“In what seems like a world where remote working and learning has become the norm, tablets have become a lifeline for so many people,” said Mr. Kevin SungSu YOU, Managing Director of Samsung Sri Lanka. “They are the ideal tool to get the most out of our Internet activities, at home and on the road.” We know people are increasingly turning to tablets for video chatting, online classes, gaming and streaming, so we’ve packed the Galaxy Tab A8 with some great new features to let you connect to a any other level.

The Galaxy Tab A8 experience begins with Samsung’s tablet design and feel, loved by Tab S series users. Its lightweight form features an expanded 10.5-inch screen with a remarkably thin bezel. The result is an 80% screen-to-body ratio, which allows for a much more immersive viewing experience than older tablet models. Whether users are streaming a favorite show, gaming with friends, or catching up with family on a video call, the Galaxy Tab A8’s quad speakers with Dolby Atmos® deliver a rich soundscape with detail, depth, and realism. unmatched.

Beyond its incredible screen, the Galaxy Tab A8 packs even more power and performance into Samsung’s Tab A series experience. The Galaxy Tab A8’s CPU and GPU have each been boosted by 10% to deliver faster, smoother performance without frustrating lag. Additionally, the Galaxy Tab A8 offers multiple tiers of storage options, so users can choose the one that suits them. Choose between 32GB or 64GB. Take advantage of the expandable microSD card feature to get up to 1TB of space. The Galaxy Tab A8 is also now offered with 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM. A 7,040mAh battery with up to 15W fast charging means users can stream for hours without worrying about power drain.

The Galaxy Tab A8 delivers an entertaining and productive experience enhanced by Galaxy’s open ecosystem of devices and partners that aims to make everyday life significantly easier and better. The past two years have proven that tablets can be a gateway to better experiences for both work and play. The Galaxy Tab A8 offers robust interactive educational content and convenient parental controls that make it easy for parents to provide their children with a safe and engaging learning environment at home and on the go. Users can instantly access a complete snapshot of device usage and activity in one place and can set screen time goals and track progress against them throughout the week . Kids can also enjoy a fun and personalized tablet experience, thanks to Samsung’s partnerships with global content partners and the ability to personalize the home screen with playful icons and color schemes.

For easier and more powerful multitasking, you can split your screen and use two apps side-by-side, and even add a pop-up window too, with Multi-Active Window. If you’re in class, you can simultaneously chat with classmates, take notes, and view a presentation at the same time. And when browsing the internet, simply drag a link from your current window to the side to create a split screen. The Drag & Split feature automatically opens a second browser window for more dynamic web page browsing.

With the Galaxy Tab A8’s 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, and all-new screen recording feature, students, teachers, and even gamers never have to miss a thing. You can record clear, detailed videos of tutorials or lectures, or even record yourself demonstrating with your voice and screen. This feature allows you to record yourself making annotations, when you highlight key points or write on the screen, to match what you say with what you see, helping you focus better and understand your grades. And when you’re ready to switch from your Galaxy Tab A8 to your Galaxy smartphone, share text, webpage, images and more between devices with a simple copy and paste.

More importantly, users can enjoy all features of the Galaxy Tab A8 with confidence and peace of mind. The Galaxy Tab A8 is backed by Samsung’s industry-leading Knox security platform with multi-layered protection. Facial recognition ensures that Galaxy Tab A8 owners are the only ones who can easily access their device. The constant real-time protection of the main software ensures that external threats cannot access the device.

Consumers in Sri Lanka can purchase their Galaxy Tab A8 from the island’s authorized resellers of John Keells Office Automation and Softlogic Mobile Distribution, easily identified by the Samsung logo placed outside the store. It will also be available from approved partners; Softlogic Retail, Singer, Singhagiri and Damro, Network Partners Dialog and Mobitel, and through online portals; Samsung EStore (samsungsrilanka.lk), MySoftlogic.lk, Keellssuper.com and Kapruka.com.

In Sri Lanka, Samsung has been recognized as the “Most Valuable Electronics Brand” for three consecutive years by Brand Finance Lanka’s review of the country’s most valuable brands. As the top smartphone brand in Sri Lanka, Samsung’s customer base in the country spans all age groups, especially the Gen Z and Millennials segments.

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