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The supplies were carried along the Chilliwack River in a snowstorm on Christmas Day.

Suzy Coulter said it was a “welcome sight” to see a group of young guides from Chilliwack River Rafting Adventures arrive by raft and kayak with much-needed supplies on board.

She and her family have been cut off from the main Chilliwack Lake road since the swollen Chilliwack River “eaten up” their access road during the record-breaking atmospheric rain river on November 15 and 16.

The snow-dusted guides even looked a little angelic as they carried heavy items like propane tanks, pet food, diesel, and treats through the deep snow with big smiles on them. their faces.

Coulter said they cleared a trail near the river and made gifts of locally grown butternut squash, braided garlic and shortbread cookies, to thank the guides who accepted the caper delivery .

“We are truly touched and humbled by people’s willingness to join us and help us,” Coulter said. “We had no idea they were going down the river on Christmas Day in a blizzard.”

They received an email on December 25 from Chilliwack River Rafting as they were ready to go: “The mission is on.

Living on a remote property and growing garlic and vegetables about a mile from Slesse Park, it was difficult to be cut off from family while on vacation, Coulter said.

“The sight of the raft and the kayaks going down the river totally cheered us up all day,” Coulter said.

Other merciful river deliveries were made by the Purple Hayes School of Kayaking, Coulter said.

For Russ Brown, owner of Chilliwack River Rafting Adventures, it was a no-brainer to ask his young staff to help Coulter and his family on Christmas Day.

“The guides thought they were coming here for a turkey and brandy dinner,” Brown joked. “No, but how often do you have the chance to raft down the Chilliwack River at -10 ° C in a blizzard?” We had to give it a go. “

All kidding aside, he said, they’re neighbors, so they wanted to help when they got the call. Brown told Coulter to prepare a large list of the heavy items they needed and deliver them by river. As simple as that.

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Chilliwack River Valley Christmas

Guides delivering supplies on Christmas Day to Chilliwack River Rafting Adventures. (Photo by Suzy Coulter)

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