Cristobal Balenciaga NFT To the Moon drop inspired by the original creations of the founder is online

Lorenzo Riva, the artistic director of luxury fashion brand Balenciaga in the 1980s, launched a highly anticipated Cristóbal Balenciaga collection on Thursday: To the Moon nonfungible token (NFT) in collaboration with Cointelegraph. The NFT collection includes 8,300 original, previously unseen creations by Cristóbal Balenciaga himself.

Cristóbal had humble beginnings as a local tailor’s apprentice and eventually rose to prominence in the fashion industry as a pioneer of new forms of clothing. These fashions, like the sack dress and the cocoon coat, changed the course of women’s fashion in the 1950s.

Lorenzo Riva and models wearing his unique creations

During the 1980s, Lorenzo Riva was artistic director of Balenciaga and received the original designs created by Cristóbal. Cointelegraph created the art collection and collaborated with Art Vein, an art NFT platform, Animal Concerts, a metaverse entertainment company, and NFT to bring this trendy digital NFT collection to life.

There are a total of 10,000 unique pieces of fashion history up for grabs, and the team has doubled the rewards and giveaways to make it a memorable experience. NFT coin acceptors would be eligible for designer gear, gift cards for high-end designer brands, and even Cristóbal designs that are 70 years old.

To the Moon by Cristobal Balenciaga NFT collection

The project team brought to light 50 unique and one-of-a-kind Balenciaga haute couture NFTs, which are the rarest in the collection. These rare NFTs offer premium and unmatched tradable features. For example, the following video of Lorenzo talking about the drawings will be given as redeemable.

Discover rare Balenciaga-inspired NFTs and learn more about the collection here.

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