Deaf delivery driver overwhelmed with emotion after finding gift left by owner

A deaf delivery driver in Toronto is melting hearts on the internet after he was seen in a viral video this week. The driver, who is seen in security camera footage as he delivers a package to a house, was overwhelmed with emotion when he found a surprise waiting for him, CBS News reports.

The owner, who captioned the video, explained why the driver was emotional when he found a surprise on the porch.

“I left the delivery driver a thank you note and a surprise…the ending shocked and changed my life forever,” the owner wrote.

Upon opening the ticket, the driver also found some money left over. He then looked at the security camera and messaged the owner in sign language.

“Sorry, I’m deaf,” he said. “You have no idea what you just did to me. Nothing. I just lost my mother a few days ago and this money is going to help pay these bills. Thank you very much, my angel. This is proof that my mother always watches over me.

Another inspirational delivery driver went viral earlier this year after forming a special relationship with new parents. As Blavity previously reported, Dallen Harrell was driving through a neighborhood when he saw a house with a sign announcing the birth of a baby boy.

“If this is the ‘It’s a Boy’ house…hope all is well with your newborn,” the driver said after walking towards the home’s security camera. “I had a child around the same time as you, and I just hope everything is going well. God bless you and happy holidays.

The owner, Jessica Kitchel, tracked down the driver and kindly refunded him. Kitchel packed a care package for the driver, including diapers, wipes and a stuffed giraffe, and left it on the porch for the next pickup. After Harrell met the entire Kitchel family, the new mom posted the links to Harrell’s baby registries online.

“Packages have started arriving for Dallen!” Kitchell then wrote on Instagram. “This delivery driver told him that half of the truck belonged to him!! (I think it’s a little funny that he works for Fedex) This is just the beginning. you guys are amazing!!”

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