Delivery companies slammed for messing up orders – here’s how to fight back if things go wrong

FROM broken packages to months of waiting for an order, delivery nightmares cause major headaches for shoppers.

Online shopping is booming, with sales soaring 63% last year, according to Barclaycard.


From broken packages to months of waiting for an order to be delivered, nightmares cause major headaches for shoppersCredit: Shutterstock

But this week industry watchdog Ofcom slammed delivery companies for messing up orders and failing to sort them.

It plans to introduce new rules to improve the way businesses deal with complaints – but they won’t come in until April 2023.

Lucy Alderson looks at the five biggest delivery mistakes and how to fight back if something goes wrong.

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A QUARTER of customers had trouble reaching businesses last year to report problems, according to Ofcom.

More than 100,000 people complained of delivery issues in the year to March 31, according to the Resolver service.

WHAT TO DO: If you ordered an item from a retailer, your contract is with them and they should settle any delivery issues.

When you complain, you’ll need to include key details like your order number.


SHOPS offers next day delivery through subscriptions or for an additional fee.

For example, Amazon Prime customers pay £7.99 per month for the service, while ASOS shoppers shell out £9.95 per year.

Amazon Prime subscribers get next day delivery for £7.99 a month


Amazon Prime subscribers get next day delivery for £7.99 a monthCredit: Getty

But The Sun Money spotted numerous complaints from customers on social media who paid extra, only to receive their parcels a few days later.

WHAT TO DO: Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, you must be refunded any additional charges you have paid.

Moneycomms personal finance expert Andrew Hagger said: ‘If you’ve paid extra for special or faster delivery and your order reaches you later than expected, you can claim back the extra delivery charge. because the service was not provided in accordance with your agreement. ”

Claim money from the retailer – not the parcel company.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “The vast majority of deliveries reach customers without issue. In the rare event that something does happen, we’re sorry and we’re working with customers to fix it.


FIVE and a half million customers lost a parcel last year, according to Citizens Advice.

Couriers can leave before you answer the door or drop packages on doorsteps or behind trash cans, making them easy prey for thieves.

WHAT TO DO: Contact the store where you purchased your order to resolve the issue.

Resolver consumer campaigner Alex Neill said: “If your package doesn’t show up, is left somewhere you didn’t specify, or something goes wrong, the retailer needs to sort things out.”

Before ordering your package, be sure to read the seller’s delivery terms.

Some businesses automatically leave items on the porch if you or your neighbors aren’t around — so leave a note describing a safe place.

You could claim a breach of contract if a package is left at the door without your permission.


It’s disappointing to wait for a package and then open it to find that its contents are broken.

Last year, Resolver received hundreds of complaints about quality issues with deliveries.

This year alone, The Sun Money has heard from dozens of customers talking about broken merchandise.

WHAT TO DO: Report any damage to the dealer immediately and take photos as evidence.

Grace Forell of Consumer Champion Which? said: “In the eyes of the law, you have a claim for faulty goods and as such you are entitled to a refund, repair or replacement.

If you are having trouble getting a response and have paid more than £100 with a credit card, use Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act to request a refund.

It covers you in the event of faulty goods, missing deliveries or retailer bankruptcy. Call your card provider’s customer service.

If you paid by debit card, you may be able to use Chargeback.


SOME retailers have started charging customers to return items for refund.

Earlier this month, Boohoo introduced a £1.99 fee while Zara customers will have £1.95 deducted from their refund when returning online orders.

Some retailers have started charging customers for returning items for refunds


Some retailers have started charging customers for returning items for refundsCredit: Getty

WHAT TO DO: Before placing an order, check the company’s refund policies.

Make sure you’re prepared for return shipping and factor that into your budget.

But if you are returning your item because it is broken or faulty, you should be able to claim back that cost.

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CHARLOTTE JESSOP saw her daughter’s face fall as she opened her Christmas present to find it was broken.

The mum-of-two, 36, ordered a mirror last December from Amazon.

Charlotte Jessop watched her daughter's face fall as she opened her Christmas present to find it was broken


Charlotte Jessop watched her daughter’s face fall as she opened her Christmas present to find it was broken

When it arrived at her Norwich home, the packaging appeared to be intact, so she wrapped it up and put it under the tree as a present for four-year-old Alice.

But when Alice unboxed it, she was shocked to find the frame was broken and the glass was cracked.

Charlotte said: ‘I was frustrated that I hadn’t opened the box and checked it, but I had no reason to think the mirror was wrong. It was disappointing.

Charlotte complained to Amazon and sent photos of the damage. A replacement arrived a few days later.

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Charlotte, who runs the financial blog, warns other shoppers to check their items when they arrive.

If there is damage, she advises, “Take photos as proof and contact the seller as soon as possible.”

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