Delivery guy surprises boyfriend on his birthday, internet split

The internet is in awe of this delivery man’s act of kindness

A video has surfaced on the internet that shows how a delivery driver made a little boy’s birthday special. This video shows an agent dropping off packages in front of a house. She noticed a sign left for her that read, “For Package Person, Rip.” After tearing off the first page, the second sign read, “My son is home from school, today is his birthday. I work 2 jobs, so I can’t do it. The person left $200 for the delivery person and the parent further informs the delivery agent that one package contains their gift and another has a Mickey Mouse outfit. The last sign read, “Mickey Mouse could you give my son his present?”

Moments later, the delivery agent opens the packages and slips into a Mickey Mouse outfit. Shortly after, the little boy enters the scene and gives the gift while wearing the Mickey Mouse outfit.

Watch the video here:

The video was posted to YouTube by Zane Holmes with the caption, “Delivery driver helps boy surprise for birthday!” It received 2.9 million likes, 32,843,563 views and several comments. While a few were pleased with the kind gesture of a delivery driver, others were upset that the parent asked the child to accept random gifts.

One user wrote, “The best part is that she took the time to do something special for someone else and made the boys birthday really special, that’s her taking the initiative to make her birthday amazing, it’s just awesome.” Another user wrote, “Mom: I feel like trusting a random delivery driver to surprise my son instead of my multiple neighbors in my Florida neighborhood.” “She is one of the people who give me hope,” read the third comment.

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