Derek Jeter responds to the infamous gift basket rumor

October 3, 2017; Miami, Florida, USA; Miami Marlins General Manager Derek Jeter speaks to the media at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove – USA TODAY Sports

Derek Jeter has once again addressed a longstanding rumor regarding his past relationships.

A 2011 alleged New York Post rumor that Jeter would give gift baskets to women he had one-night stands with. The idea was that the nice gesture would allow the former New York Yankees shortstop to part ways with the women on good terms.

In 2014, Jeter addressed the story and denied the gift basket allegation. He spoke about it again a year later and said the story was “dumb”.

In the upcoming docuseries “The Captain,” Jeter was asked about the rumor. He said he had read the story.

“You know, you see it, and then it’s like, ‘How the hell did people find that?’ You know, basically, that’s it. And who would believe that shit? And you believed it! Jeter says in the docuseries, according to US Weekly.

“People keep regurgitating this story that never happened. Never happened.”

So there it is: this is Jeter’s firm denial of the gift basket rumor.

These types of stories are long over for the Hall of Famer. The 48-year-old was once a hugely eligible bachelor. But he started dating his wife Hannah in 2011. The two later married and now have three daughters together.

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