Does giving a gift after the holidays diminish its value?

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Does giving a Christmas present to someone you saw during the holidays weeks later diminish their sincere value?

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Does it show a lack of planning and thought to give a Christmas present to someone you saw over the holidays weeks later?

I say yes.

But not all readers agree.

It was the subject of this week’s WGNA segment (shortly after 7am every Thursday on WGNA 107.7 FM).

Brian Cody didn’t give Chrissy Cavotta her Christmas presents until today – 14 days after Christmas – despite seeing her almost daily.

I argued that his late presentation was the result of poor planning and procrastination. Sure, there are delivery delays, but we’ve known about these hurdles for months, and the media regularly reminds us of the importance of shopping early. Readers and listeners have been more forgiving in saying that Christmas is a season, not a day. A gift, even if it is late, is still sincere and meaningful.

Listen to the segment below and take our poll to share your thoughts.

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