Family thanks delivery driver who rescued woman from dog attack

By Lauren Martinez

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LAS VEGAS (KVVU) – UPDATE: On Friday, the family whose daughter and dog were rescued from a dog attack by an unknown delivery driver met and thanked the driver in person.

Delivery driver Stephanie Lontz works for 702 Logistics, a local courier hired by Amazon.

Lontz was working Friday and had to deliver a package to the Ray family, so FOX5 was there to capture the reunion.

Lauren Ray, the 19-year-old woman Lontz protected from a dog attack earlier in the week of December 13, thanked her and presented her with flowers while her father handed her a card.

“I didn’t have time to say thank you. I was just shaken up… but no, I’m so glad I got to see you again and that means a lot to me, ”said Lauren Ray.

“I wish it was different, you know, I wish more people would play and I’m just happy to be there to do it,” Lontz said.

Lontz added that she hoped someone would do the same if it was her child.

“Phew… the screams reminded me of my own child.” I was only hoping that someone would step in and help her if she was in a similar situation. I wouldn’t even think of it as motherly, it’s just – it’s the human thing to do, ”Lontz said.

She said delivery drivers go through a lot, which the public doesn’t see captured on cameras.

“Two days before, I had been bitten by a dog. Two days before, I had saved a baby who was not even two years old – locked in a house. I mean, we really go through a lot and we’re there when others aren’t and sometimes it’s not even recognized. I have a colleague who put out a fire the other day. It’s just – we’re really there when sometimes there’s no one around. And we just do our job at the end of the day, ”Lontz said.

After the meeting, a team from Amazon and 702 Logistics surprised Lontz with his family.

“We saw this video and honestly it was something I had never seen before. And just appreciate your service to Amazon and truly to your community, ”said an Amazon representative.

Amazon gave Lontz and his family four tickets to Enchant as well as backpacks full of family gifts.

At the very end, the group took a photo and shouted Lontz’s classic line: “Bad dog! ”

ORIGINAL STORY (DEC 15): LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – An Amazon delivery truck driver rushed to the rescue in a recent dog attack.

On Monday, a Ring doorbell camera was activated when 19-year-old Lauren Ray walked out of her parents’ home in the Northwest Valley.

An Amazon driver was honking his horn to pull a dog off the street, so Ray called him. Before the truck driver could warn him that the dog is aggressive, Ray’s dog, Max, ran out.

Max and the other dog then started to fight. Ray picked up Max and held him while pushing back the dog who was now chasing them both.

Ray’s dad, Michael, a real estate agent, was sitting in his car about to show off a house when he got the notification from his Ring camera and watched the whole incident unfold in real time on his phone.

“As a dad you know panic mode, I’m half an hour from home, it’s literally like I’m watching a soccer game and yelling at it, I’m like ‘come in the house, enter the house !’ Michael Ray said.

“Well my first thought was to save the dog, you know pet, I would have let the dog bite me as long as I care, I just wanted him to be safe because he is so small compared to a pit bull that he couldn’t stand a chance, ”said Lauren Ray.

She was circling until she cried out for help.

“She saw me screaming for help, she could have stayed there, she could have filmed me being attacked, but she chose to intervene,” she said.

The video shows the Amazon employee rushing over and getting between the aggressive dog and Ray and Max. She told Ray to come in.

“I would have been lost without any help, I had no idea what I was going to do. I didn’t know if I was going to get hurt and someone risk their life like that, it’s a really big thing and it means a lot to me, ”she said.

Meanwhile, Michael Ray was cheering on this neighborhood hero.

“It’s just amazing how not afraid and not thinking about herself or anything, it’s just that she saw my daughter needing help and is arrived by plane and saved the day, ”Ray said.

Max and Ray were both shaken up but OK. She just has a few scratches on the side. One of their neighbors called the police who then called animal control. They picked up the dog.

FOX5 is waiting for a callback from the responding agent.

Michael Ray said she saved two people and two dogs that day. His neighbor was walking his dog when this dog attacked his dog, he had to put him aside and he kept coming back.

“He actually said he was so out of breath he was about to pass out and she saw him. He stopped told her to get in his van, he jumped in his van and that’s when they walked past our house, ”said Michael Ray.

It was Ray’s 19th birthday that same day and described it as one that she will never forget. “She helped our neighbor, she helped me and I’m so grateful for that,” she said.

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