Farm to Fit Healthy, Ready-to-Eat Meal Delivery Expands in Thurston County

Farm to fit grows in Thurston County. And that’s good news for those of you running out of healthy meal ideas, exhausted from preparing three meals a day, or in need of creative holiday gifts. Farm to Fit not only prepares meals for you, but also delivers them to your doorstep. They will begin meal deliveries in Thurston County on January 3. Use coupon code Thurston10 for 10% off your first order, valid until February 14, 2022.

Farm to Fit co-founders G. Scott Brown and Dré Slaman opened their meal preparation and delivery business in Portland in 2011. Photo courtesy of: Farm to Fit

“We have been wanting to move north for some time and since Olympia is close to our hearts, it seems like there is no better place to start,” said G. Scott Brown, CEO and Co-Founder . “Once we are established in Olympia, we will continue to lead the 5 with Tacoma next on the list.”

Farm to Fit menus offer nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Fresh and not frozen, meals arrive at your home or office, fully prepared and ready to eat after quick heating in the oven or microwave. Farm to Fit provides complete, ready-to-eat meals, not meal kits. The menus are seasonal and change weekly, using local vegetables and without preservatives or additives.

A fresh and healthy start

Farm to Fit began in 2011 when married couple Brown and co-founder and COO Dr Slaman started their business in Portland. At the time, they ran the operation with one chef, in a shared commercial kitchen. They have expanded their own larger commercial kitchen and currently employ 30 team members. They offer meal delivery services in the Portland area, as well as in Salem, Vancouver and Camas. The company is now ready to head north. “We are spreading the word now,” said Brown, explaining the expected growth. “The drivers will be coming from Portland. Once settled there, we’ll start hiring locally. It is hope.

Farm to Fit offers healthy, ready-to-eat breakfasts, lunches and dinners that customers can order online and have it delivered to their home or office. Photo courtesy: Farm to Fit

Brown is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, who received his undergraduate degree from The evergreen state college and his master’s degree in theater in Illinois. He met Slaman while she was also completing her masters in the same graduate program. Slaman grew up in San Diego and has a family business background. She is also an actress who can be seen on television, in movies, and in theater in the Portland area.

Brown and Slaman believe in a healthy and balanced diet, using fresh, local produce. Their interest in food has sparked their meal delivery service, which offers nutritious options with a Northwest vibe. “’Delicious, healthy, easy’ is our motto,” says Brown. “We want customers for life. “

What is on the menu

Brown says they started with three calorie-specific meal plan options and have since widened the selections. “Our meal plans have evolved,” he explains. Farm to Fit now offers multiple meal plans to serve various preferences. These include options not only for customers who are looking for meals with calorie limits, but also for those who want plant-based foods; paleo diets emphasizing fruits, vegetables, nuts and meat; foods suitable for diabetes; gluten intolerant; low-carb choices; Integer30– approved meals; and a low-carb, high-fat, and protein-rich keto menu.

Farm to Fit staff work on menus, food preparation and delivery from the company’s commercial kitchen in Portland. Photo courtesy: Farm to Fit

“Each week we have 18 different meals, generally,” says Brown. “And, we have 12 signature dishes that we offer anytime – four breakfasts, four lunches, and four dinners.” He says meals vary from traditional American dishes to dishes from around the world. He says one of their most popular dishes is Tuscan beef stew, which has been on the menu since it opened.

Farm to Fit develops menus in four phases through a collaborative effort. In the inspiration phase, chefs decide which dishes inspire them, are delicious and will satisfy the tastes of customers. The delight phase is when chefs create recipes and test them for flavor. Then comes the nutritional phase where the nutritionist analyst establishes the portions of ingredients. Finally, the quality phase means that after delivery, the team reheats and tastes each dish, according to the customers’ experience. Each member of the team evaluating the meal notes the recipe and suggests adjustments for flavor and consistency. This process means that the recipes continue to evolve. “We want quality assurance,” says Brown. “We are always trying to improve.

Customers can order as few as 3 or up to 21 meals per week through single orders or ongoing subscriptions. Brown says most people eat 6 to 10 meals a week. Deliveries in Thurston County are Mondays and Thursdays. Customers must submit their orders six days prior to the delivery date.

Farm to Fit delivers ready meals in handy bags that are placed on customers’ doorsteps. Farm to Fit will deliver to Thurston County starting January 3. Photo courtesy of: Farm to Fit

Drivers deliver meals to customers’ homes or offices in handy cooler bags with ice packs and responsible packaging. Then, they simply put the empty bag back on their doorstep and the driver collects it with the delivery of the next order. Farm to Fit offers the possibility to order from week to week or to take out a subscription.

More information on Farm to Fit, including menus and order and delivery details, is on his website. Thurston County ordering information will be available online here. Holiday tip: Farm to Fit provides gift cards if you want to give someone else a break from preparing healthy meals.

Firm to fit
5411 northeast of the Portland Freeway
Portland, OR 97218
[email protected]


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