FINALLY: Disney takes delivery of the Disney Wish cruise ship

“When you wish on a star, it doesn’t matter who you are; whatever your heart desires will come to you. If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme; When you wish on a star like dreamers do.

There were many “wishes” to disney Cruise Line, and on Thursday, something spectacular happened! Not only the Cruise Linethe wish comes true, but the Disney Wish finally arrived at Cruise Line as Disney finally took delivery of the ship.

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Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Disney has become the official owner of the newest member of the disney Cruise Line fleetthe Disney Wishbringing the total number of ships in the line to five, alongside the Disney Dreamthe Disney Fantasythe Disney magicand the Disney Wonder.

Disney Wish Concierge Wish Tower Suite Cabin 14000 Revealed • Disney Cruise Line Blog

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

It presents the impressive Tower of Wishes Suitea sequel inside one of the funnels of the new massive boatas well as a Disney Frozen culinary adventure and other adventures with Marvel Cinematic Universe and star wars themes.

disney wish

Credit: CruiseRadio

On Thursday, at a maritime ceremony in Bremerhaven, Germany, disney Cruise Line took delivery of Disney Wishwhich is the final stage of building a new cruise boatwhich started more than two years ago in Germany at the Meyer Werft shipyard. Thanks to the visionary feats of Disney Imagineering and the hard work of thousands of shipyard employees, the Disney Wish finally became a reality.

During the ceremony, disney Cruise Line Chairman Thomas Mazloum and Managing Director Jan Meyer of shipbuilders Meyer Werft signed the official documents that serve to transfer ownership of the new cruise boat from Meyer Werft to Disney.

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disney and meyer werft sign documents

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

As part of the event, the Meyer Werft flag on the Disney Wish was lowered, and the disney Cruise Line flag was hoisted on boat.

As a gift, disney Cruise Line gave Meyer Werft a beautiful statuette of Cinderella in commemoration of the life-size bronze statue of Cinderella that stands in the great hall of the Disney Wish like a welcoming beacon for Guests as they board the boat.

Disney Cruise Line Reveals Cinderella Lobby Statue for Disney Wish

Credit: Disney Cruise Line/ABC

Cinderella has long been a symbol of wishes coming true and coming true.

Shortly after the end of the ceremony, the captain of the Disney Wishcaptain Marco Nogara, took his place for the boatfrom Bremerhaven, Germany to Port Canaveral, Florida, which will serve as her home base.

She is expected to arrive early morning June 20even if he won’t set sail his inauguration trip until July 14.

According Disney Parks Blogthe Disney Wish is a spectacular first for disney Cruise Line:

“The Disney Wishthe fifth boat in the disney Cruise Line fleetfeatures an all-new, distinctly Disney design concept that is unlike anything at sea. The motif of enchantment – found at the heart of so many beloved Disney stories – is the architectural and thematic foundation of the boat, weaving imagination, emotion and adventure into the very fabric of the ship’s unique personality. The boat offers new spaces and experiences steeped in more Disney tales than ever before, bringing to life the fantastical worlds and beloved characters at the heart of Disney, Pixar, Marvel Cinematic Universeand star wars adventures like never before.

disney minnie mouse wish

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

To learn more about the Disney Wish cruise boat, Captain Minnie Mousethe Tower of Wishes Suiteeach Disney Wish itineraryor on planning your next Disney Vacations with disney Cruise Line (with or without visit of the Disney Parks at the Walt disney World first), potential disney Cruise Line Guests can visit

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