Gifts of designer outfits, luxury cars and a title deed – Inside Rakgadi’s glam 21st birthday party

Lesego Pitso turned 21 in a grand way. Image by fluorescent imaging

  • #KwaRakgadi was trending as Lesego Rakgadi Pitso celebrated his one-of-a-kind party lavishly.
  • The inspiration behind it was the annual US event The Met Gala known as “fashion’s biggest night”.
  • Lesego took inspiration to another level, bringing in luxury event planners and exclusive designers.

Was it a 21st birthday party or a scene from a romantic movie? Who owns this party and what does she do for a living? These were the questions asked on Instagram when #KwaRakgadi was trending as Lesego Rakgadi Pitso celebrated his birthday lavishly. The one-of-a-kind event was hosted at Shepstone Gardens, the hidden gem in the Houghton Hills, Johannesburg.

party, luxury, lifestyle
Lesego Rakgadi Pitso. Image by fluorescent imaging

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Red and black were the colors of the day. A black carpet with red roses and carefully placed candles on the stairs ushered guests into the exclusive venue. As they crossed, black G-wagons with red balloons were parked outside the main entrance. The 21-year-old gives us the context of what inspired the celebration.

“The inspiration behind it all was the original Met Gala hosted by Vogue Magazine in New York. But finding a venue in Johannesburg was an absolute nightmare,” she shares, adding that it was extremely stressful to plan as she had to balancing studies and organizing parties. since February.

Her vision for the party was crystal clear, but she encountered obstacles along the way, with only two young women (her and a friend, Lele) trying to plan a big event like this.

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Lesego brought in the likes of luxury event planner Nono Events, who exceeded her expectations. Her florist was Mira Cameron and her couture dresses were designed by Biji la Maison and Ryan Keys.

Chef Howie served specially prepared gourmet meals for the feast, while TV host Pamela Mtanga was the MC of the day.

When asked why she decided to throw such a luxurious and breathtaking party, she replied, “I chose such a grand route because I like exquisite things and I pay attention to details and things. the finest ones that not everyone just notices. , so if I was going to have a party/celebration, it would have to be done the right way.”

party, luxury, lifestyle
Miss Party, Lesego Rakgadi Pitso makes a grand entrance. Picture provided

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Lesego is modest about some details of his party, especially those that have to do with price tags.

“[I received] lots of exclusive designer items. So my favorite [gift] must be a trio of wooden cutting boards with my face embellished,” she adds.

In a video shared by one of her guests on Instagram, her parents presented her with a title deed to her own home as one of the gifts.

party, luxury, lifestyle
21st celebration of Lesego Rakgadi Pitso. Picture provided

The BCom law student shared that she had had a normal life like any child. “Academically, I’ve always worked hard, striving for the best. So my parents are completely consistent with asking for good grades. A respectful child and good grades have always meant great results.”

party, luxury, lifestyle
Lesego Rakgadi Pitso in her second couture dress by Ryan Keys. Image by fluorescent imaging

Besides the glitz and glamor of her world, she says she’s just a small-town girl in the Northwest. She enjoys jet skiing and reading, and she is a candle connoisseur. “[The reaction on social media has been] extremely overwhelming, but I think I’m handling it pretty well, just focusing on the positive,” Lesego shares.

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