Give Your Hudson Valley Dog The Best Gift Ever

Let’s face it. The people of the Hudson Valley love their dogs. Okay, no matter where you live, people love their dogs. I have friends whose dogs live better than me. I am not joking. Dogs with their own rooms, dogs that get homemade dog food, dogs that rule the house. I know some very spoiled dogs.

And the dogs here in the Hudson Valley are extremely lucky. There are so many great places you can bring your dog for an afternoon of fun and exercise. There are mountains to climb, hiking trails, dog parks and even dog daycares with swimming pools and more. One of the coolest places to enjoy with your dog is the Walkway Over the Hudson, as long as it’s not too hot for his paws.

The Walkway Over the Hudson allows you and your best friend to enjoy Poughkeepsie, the Highlands and the sights in between. It’s a nice walk, no hills for you or your dog. Just a nice flat ride on one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. And the folks at the Walkway Over the Hudson love your dog, too. They know how important your dog is to you, so they’ve found a great gift for your best friend.

Right now you can give your dog a great gift box and you’ll also be helping the Walkway Over the Hudson. The The gift set contains a stylish Walkway bandana, a trash bag dispenser and a cookie for your furry friend. You can get your Walkway Puppy Pack here. Just in time for the Fall Walks, which happens to be one of the prettiest seasons to be on the Walkway. To learn more about the Footbridge over the Hudsondonate or volunteer, and to learn more about Walkway events, visit the website.

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