Healing Baskets site redefines the ‘gift basket’ for cancer patients, caregivers and anyone in need of support at a difficult time in their lives

Caroline Cheshire, Owner of Healing Baskets

So far we haven’t been taught what to do in these situations

Recognizing that flowers aren’t enough when a friend faces a fight for survival, online gift retailer healingbaskets.com is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary in business. Healing Baskets is the only personal and convenient website serving those struggling to show support for a friend or loved one. Their unconventional gifts and “baskets” consist of handpicked items chosen by the online consumer to ensure the most personalized and thoughtful gift, or chosen from a pre-made line. “We don’t use cheap binders and we’re not all cellophane and bows because our friends deserve more,” says Cheshire.

“So far we haven’t been taught what to do in these situations,” says Caroline Cheshire, founder of Healingbaskets.com. “Even though our hearts are in the right place, we often don’t do anything when a friend is going through a difficult time, or we send flowers out of fear of ‘making a mistake.’ The message we send unintentionally is that we don’t. . be careful when in fact the opposite is true. ” “The healing baskets broke the mold. We have bold ideas for when we need to be bold ”.

Being a friend takes work, notes Cheshire. Healingbaskets.com, with its large assortment of practical, humorous, and inspiring freebies along with its resource of healing words, takes a lot of the guesswork out of showing support. “People who visit our website are likely to find things they never thought to send or say to a friend suffering from cancer, illness, loss, divorce or death. any other challenge for that matter. Instead of flowers, send ‘From that moment on’ an inspiration basket for someone just diagnosed with cancer. Arm them with whatever they need in the months to come and for the journey he is about to undertake “.

Convenient products run the gamut from Slumbercaps to keep bald heads warm at night, creams to relieve radiation trauma, books on how to tell a child a parent has cancer, or how to “Share care ”for the caregiver. A plethora of inspirational music, books, pampering and wellness gifts are also available, along with other items made exclusively for the company. There are also humorous gift items where appropriate due to the important role Cheshire believes humor plays in the healing process.

Consumers can design their own “basket”, purchase one of the pre-made baskets from each section, or be inspired by one of the website’s animated themes, including: Life’s A Beach, When Life Throws You Lemons or Hogs & Kisses , which offers a range of fun and heartwarming pig-inspired products.

“Traditional gifts like flowers just don’t do it when you’re facing the scariest trip of your life,” Cheshire adds. “Knowing that a friend understands, even understands a little what you’re going through, makes this trip a little less scary, a little less alone. That’s why I started healbaskets.com. No one should have to go it. alone. ”

Healing Baskets was launched in September 2004. The website address is http://www.healingbaskets.com.

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