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Learn how to make a homemade Christmas gift basket, a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift for the holidays.

Make a homemade Christmas gift basket for an easy, personalized Christmas present that everyone will appreciate.

Homemade Christmas gifts to make yourself

Cheap Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas gift basket

Your friend loves your chocolate and zucchini bread recipe. Prepare a box of measured dry ingredients, mini loaf pans and a recipe card. For that parent who can’t shop for anything, pack a basket of holiday appetizers – good salsa, a log of soft goat cheese, blue corn chips, and heating instructions. Optional: bowl or serving plate.


A basket, crate of fruit (check your grocer on delivery days), or an open box wrapped on the outside with holiday paper, ribbon, tag
Tissue paper or a colored tea towel
Gift basket
Colorful 4 x 6 inch cards for recipes (ruled or blank cards, the choice is yours)

Approximate cost

Depending on the goodies, around $ 15 to $ 20
Cards: less than $ 2
Lamination: $ 1 to $ 2


Line the container with colored tissue paper or a new kitchen towel. Arrange your gifts in the container, attach a ribbon and a sticker or sticker tag. You can attach a cinnamon stick to the baking basket or a pine cone. Hand print or glue on a print of your recipe on a 4 by 6 colored card. Be sure to include the date and your name.

If you want, most office supply stores will laminate your recipe card in minutes. Laminating plastic over your recipe will make it durable and washable. Cut out the recipe, leaving at least a 1/4 inch laminate border for the plastic to hold together.

Posted on Dec 1, 2019 2001

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