How gift basket brands advertise Valentine’s Day

Traditional Valentine’s Day holiday gifts usually include chocolates, candies, and flowers. Ecommerce gift brands combine all of these options and more in beautiful baskets, and they’re leveraging the success and popularity of direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales to woo shoppers this Valentine’s Day. Digital innovations including website optimizations, multi-channel marketing and product customizations were rolled out by e-commerce gift brands this Valentine’s Day to increase engagement and drive sales.

Consumers love to give a range of gifts to friends and family on Valentine’s Day

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the average Valentine’s Day shopper in 2020 spent nearly $ 200. The most popular gift or experience to give on Valentine’s Day in the United States in 2018 was a night out. This year, with the country still in the midst of the pandemic, many Valentine’s Day dollars will go to gifts purchased online, with total Valentine’s spending expected to exceed $ 25 billion in retail revenue. . Some of the most popular gifts for the holidays include chocolates, candies, cards, wine / alcohol, personalized gifts, flowers and jewelry, according to Statista.

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The American Floral Endowment recommends that retailers offer various options for Valentine’s Day, as consumers often purchase gifts for more people than their spouse or loved ones. For example, Galentine’s Day, February 13, celebrates Platonic friendships, usually between women. In 2020, consumers also bought for other family members, children’s friends, and even pets. Gift baskets from online gift shops offer a wide variety of combinations of fresh and unique products at different prices for Valentine’s Day this year. With the increase in e-commerce spending during the pandemic, the need to celebrate during the pandemic long winter, and the creative offerings from gift basket brands, Valentine’s Day 2021 should be a holiday to love.

The Fruit Company Boosts Sales With Dedicated Valentine’s Day Landing Page

The Fruit Company is a family owned business that started selling fruit baskets from their orchards in Oregon’s Hood River Valley and now sells and ships fruit-themed gift baskets across the country. A box of chocolates is a quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, and The Fruit Company builds on this tradition, noting “you can show how creative and caring you are by passing ordinary boxes of store-bought chocolates and by offering our delicious chocolate covered cherries or a Valentine’s Day gift tower filled with treats. The Fruit Company website has a Valentine’s Day landing page featuring their holiday picks alongside their traditional top sellers.

By creating a dedicated Valentine’s Day landing page, The Fruit Company makes it easy to find holiday deals, guiding consumers to the dedicated page where they can easily shop. The Fruit Company is offering free shipping for its popular Heart of Hearts Valentine’s Day gift tour and is partnering with Costco stores to bring this bestseller to the point of sale, increasing their reach, brand recognition and their sales. Optimizes Data To Prioritize Best Selling Valentine’s Day Candy Options

Shutterstock_786614026 PISA / ITALY - 04/01/2018: A bouquet of pink-yellow tulips lies on a wooden surface.  Ferrero Rocher round candies in golden packaging are heart shaped.  gold wrapped ribbon for decoration. started selling candy, snacks and gifts in 2009, and the brand is proud to offer the “Corner Candy Store Experience” online. The company uses data on Valentine’s Day candy sales to organize the holiday page on its website, putting a top-selling candy, Ferrero Rocher, at the top of the page where consumers can quickly find it. The website is organized by filters, including type, color, flavor and brand, allowing consumers to put together unique and varied Valentine’s Day gifts. And, for regular candy shoppers, offers a rewards program, where shoppers can earn points for purchases and shares, encouraging loyalty in the future. is also mixing some of their unique offerings, such as a giant gelatin bear on a stick, their biggest candy heart in the world, and vintage brands into what they offer and recommend for Valentine’s Day. Consumers are drawn to the best-selling Valentine’s Day products, but once there, consumers often purchase some of’s big tickets and signature items.

Williams Sonoma leverages influencer marketing to drive sales of premium Valentine’s Day gifts

Williams Sonoma Valentine's Day

Williams Sonoma is taking advantage of the fact that Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year. On the Valentine’s Day page of Williams Sonoma’s website and on social media, author, blogger and cookbook author Gaby Dalkin is featured planning ahead for the quiet weekend morning. “Valentine’s Day is a Sunday this year, so I’m going to celebrate in bed with my one true love – carbs !! And also chocolate. My husband Thomas is also welcome to join me for breakfast. The Influence Message allows Williams Sonoma to showcase their breakfast baskets, ranging from the Le Marais Bed Breakfast Box for $ 79.95 to the Fortnum & Mason Breakfast Basket for $ 275.95, in addition to their more traditional boxed chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Spruce, an inspirational online magazine for the home, ranked Williams Sonoma gift baskets “best overall” in their article on the best gift baskets for 2021 because of their diverse options and range. prices offered in the Williams Sonoma offers.

Mouth Ecommerce Brand Offers Unusual Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Mouth, a 2012 e-commerce startup for independent packaged foods, has a curated list of Valentine’s Day gift boxes in its 2021 gift guide. Mouth markets its unique Love Holiday gift boxes with titles witty things such as “It Must’ve Brine Love: Pickle Gift Boxes”, “Love on the Rocks: Whiskey Gift Boxes” and “It Had to Be Brew: Coffee and Tea Gift Boxes. Mouth also uses the Valentine’s Day to sell their monthly subscriptions under the title “Always and Forever”, thus increasing their income throughout the year.

Unique Valentine’s Day gifts and personalization encourage sales for eCommerce store gifts

Personalization is a hot trend right now and a strategy advertisers can use to connect with their customers and develop an affinity with the brand this Valentine’s Day. Knacks, a “modern” e-commerce gift store, allows customers to choose a combination of beautifully wrapped gifts with a personalized card before they are shipped to their recipient. There is no additional cost for customization. If buyers need inspiration, filters are available based on the recipient’s profile (eg, student, for him, for her) or interests, triggering recommendations that match buyers’ parameters. Knacks also offers unique prepackaged bestsellers for a wide audience on Valentine’s Day recipients. Knacks bestsellers include a Girl Power For A Friend “Galentine” collection, which includes a “Be The Change” soy wax candle and Bitchstix lip balm and a collection of Just Breathe spa items for that friend. who just wants to relax. Unique gift offers can attract an audience looking for something out of the ordinary, often garnering praise from word of mouth and loyal buyers.

According to Google Trends, consumers start shopping for Valentine’s Day gift baskets right after the Christmas holidays. Gift basket brands are therefore wise to promote their delivery products and services early and often. A dedicated tab on a retailer’s website allows shoppers to find Valentine’s Day deals through online searches, driving traffic to the appropriate ecommerce pages to maximize cart size and rates conversion. Whether offering traditional, high-end, unique, or personalized Valentine’s Day gifts, e-commerce gift brands should make it easy and fun for shoppers to browse, order and send gifts to loved ones. .

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