In partnership with Givex, iFood Brazil is shaping the Brazilian food delivery market with Superior Tech

Over the past two years, Givex has provided iFood with omnichannel integration support to grow its iFood card program to 10 million cards sold and connect to over 150,000 POS platforms and 50 million users.

TORONTO, January 14, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Givex, the global computing platform focused on providing merchants with critical customer information, is helping Latin American food delivery company iFood completely revolutionize the Brazilian food technology market. . Through this partnership, Givex and iFood are establishing a cutting-edge model for modern food delivery that will likely soon be adopted around the world.

Givex is a global company with customer operations in over 70 countries around the world and a leader in omnichannel processing of digital gift cards, loyalty cards and vouchers. iFood works with partners on initiatives that enhance business intelligence, technology and management solutions for more than 270,000 registered restaurants in more than 1,200 cities around the world. Brazil.

In December 2019, iFood has migrated its iFood Card program to the Givex platform with the goal of making the iFood Card a 100% omnichannel product, fully integrated with all major sales channels in the country. As a leader in processing technology, Givex supports technical, strategic and security scalability to help achieve iFood’s ambitious goals.

“Givex is extremely proud to be the technology partner of iFood Card, bringing not only processing power, but also integrated data and sales channels that enable real-time monitoring of the performance and scalability of the card. This is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see what other milestones iFood can achieve with the support of Givex,” said Maria Costa, General Manager of Givex Brazil.

Today, less than two years after the partnership launched, over 10 million iFood cards have been sold, growing into a massive omnichannel card program and expanding the iFood brand presence through Givex to connect to more than 150,000 POS platforms and 50 million users from digital wallets.

Today, with the help of Givex, the iFood card has built a unique lucrative position in the Brazilian market, growing and expanding both online and offline channels. For example, iFood recently rolled out a method for unbanked end users to access food delivery through gift cards acquired offline. The company also launched an initiative to benefit B2B consumers by offering businesses the ability to reward colleagues and leverage the iFood ecosystem through loyalty initiatives and segmented promotions.

Going forward, Givex — which recently listed its shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) under the symbol “GIVX” — will continue to expand its business and partner with innovative global clients like iFood for no not only increase profits for investors, but also help promote progress in the rapidly changing global food technology landscape.

Moreover, on tuesday january 18, Givex and iFood will come together for a panel of speakers at the 2022 National Retail Federation Show in New York City, discussing the success of the iFood card with the support of Givex technology.

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About Givex:
Givex (TSX: GIVX) is a global computing platform focused on providing merchants with valuable customer insights. The Givex platform supports processing simple or complex gift card programs, custom loyalty programs, stored value/loaded tickets, a powerful omnichannel point of sale system with options that include the fully integrated payment processing, kitchen display systems, inventory controls, labor management, kiosks, portable ordering tablets and merchant-skinned online ordering websites.

The platform also has fully integrated management and consumption applications. The platform portal also provides merchant support tools, hundreds of customizable reports, campaign management templates and, most importantly, a flexible and easy-to-use analytics tool that allows merchants to take informed decisions about how to communicate with their customers and meet their needs. The platform is also flexible and can be integrated with a wide variety of third-party vendors. To learn more, visit

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