India cricket coach Ravi Shastri takes delivery of his restored Audi 100 sedan

Former Indian cricket player and head coach, Ravi Shastri received his most prized possession – an Audi 100 sedan. Shastri won the car in 1985 in Melbourne, Australia. The car was restored by Super Car Club Garage (SCCG), which is operated by Gautam Singhania, Chairman and Managing Director of the Raymond Group.

SCCG said the car was in poor condition and many other garages tried to restore the iconic vehicle. SCCG took about 8 months to painstakingly reassemble the Audi 100. The process from start to finish took about a year.

Ravi Shastri said:

“It looks like the car I won 37 years ago. Same, nothing has changed. Hats off to Gautam and Super Car Club Garage for doing this stuff the way they did. Amazing!… You know what he does, his reminders remind you 37 years on this given day What happened when the keys were put back in my hand What did I do Who were the people sitting on the car? How much champagne was on the seat? Who was sitting on top of the car? How many people were around the pitch when it was spun around, without a permit? All those memories come flooding back.

SCCG did not use any replica parts to restore the vehicle. Gautam Singhania said that rebuilding the mode had become a daunting task and many original parts had to be sourced from all over the world.

Ravi Shastri won the Audi 100

The Audi 100 was given to him as a gift for winning the Series Man award. Ravi Shastri still has the car and in an interview with former Audi India manager Micheal Perschke he said he was so overwhelmed after winning the car in that game. The whole team was so jubilant after Ravi Shastri won the Audi that everyone jumped on it and there are several pictures of the famous Indian cricketers including Kapil Dev sitting on that same vehicle after the game.

India cricket coach Ravi Shastri takes delivery of his restored Audi 100 sedan

Shastri recalls that everyone first checked the fuel level of the Audi 100 before driving it around Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia. He also remembers having a tiff with Javed Miandad during the car game.

India cricket coach Ravi Shastri takes delivery of his restored Audi 100 sedan

Ravi Shastri also remembers the time and said that then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi waived import taxes on the Audi. The former cricketer also claims his daughter has never seen the car before and he will take her for a ride in the restored vehicle.

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