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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Free Chick-fil-A Gift Basket? It’s a hoax!

Chick-fil-A is currently working to remove a Facebook post advertising a gift basket to celebrate the company’s 61st anniversary, according to spokeswoman Tiffany Simmons.

A post circulating on Facebook said the company is “giving EVERYONE who shares and then comments by 7 p.m. SUNDAY one of these gift baskets.”

Inside the gift basket was “a $35 gift card, ‘plus surprises that will make your heart skip a beat’.”

Travis Porter, claiming to be the regional manager of Chick-fil-A, posted the photo with a link to a coupon to validate their entry.

The Federal Trade Commission concluded that consumers lost nearly $117 million to scams on social media in the first six months of this year.

Here are the ways the FTC offers to protect you against these types of online scams:

  • Before buying based on an ad or post, check with the company. Type his name into a search engine with words like or “scam” or “complaint”.
  • Never send money to anyone you haven’t met in person.
  • If you get a message from a friend about a way to get financial help, call them. Did they send it to you? If not, tell them their account may have been hacked. If so, check it out before you act.
  • Before paying for an “opportunity” to earn money, consult
  • Don’t make it easy for scammers to target you – check your social media privacy settings to limit what you share publicly.

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