Kennewick Teen featured on Good Morning America for dress designs

Kennewick Teen’s gorgeous dresses caught the attention of Good Morning America

A Kennewick teenager was recently featured on Good Morning America for designing some amazing dresses.

Kennewick’s Teen Disney Dresses Are Catching People’s Attention

If you follow or know Alexandra Sorenson on Tik Tok, you already know that she has amazing sewing skills.

I saw the You Know You’re From The Tri-Cities Facebook page post and thought it was pretty cool. Proud dad Donald Sorenson posted his daughter’s video on Good Morning America.

Tik Tok Creator’s Disney Dresses Have Over 30 Million Views

from Alexandra The dresses on Tik Tok have gone viral and have now caught the attention of Good Morning America producers.

alexandra was able to go on Good Morning America and show some of his creations.

alexandra creates fairy tale clothes that come to life. She made dresses from Tinker Bell for Mary Poppins. She recreates the Disney dresses you love so much and does an amazing job doing it.

alexandra is self-taught and took up sewing during the pandemic. alexandra now has over 1.6 million followers on Tik Tok and you can see all of his amazing creations there.

from Alexandra the dresses have received over 30 million views

The GMA team surprised her with a bunch of new fabrics and a $5,000 gift card from JoAnn’s Fabrics.

Judging from the amazing dresses and designs, it looks like alexandra just started an incredible new career. Alexandra says she would like to create and design dresses for Broadway or the movies one day.

I think she’s on the right track, congratulations Kennewick Alexandra Sorenson on such an incredible achievement.

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