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Bathroom brand Kohler has launched a hybrid concept that, like Kohler, pushes the envelope using meaningful design and technology. The concept will allow designers to virtually experience the showroom, offering digital and physical touchpoints through a Statement & Anthem sculpture, which mirrors the colors and finishes of the new collection. With an accompanying QR code, designers can be transported to a virtual world.

Sounds good, but how does it work? To facilitate this process and bring the R(eality) into AR, gift boxes containing the sculpture, product codes and portal QR code were sent to members of the architect and designer community. Once the sculpture is set up and the QR code scanned, the user is transported to a virtual world where they can explore different wellness spaces inspired by the stunning design elements of the new Statement Showering collection and Anthem digital and mechanical controls. . The physical pieces create an immersive experience for architects and designers and encourage Kohler’s creative audience to touch and feel the different materials, admire the unique shapes and forms, and create their own configurations.

The spatialized, mobile and webAR navigation experience allows attendees to step into a 360° virtual space to explore three beautiful landscapes that feature Kohler products. In these landscapes, participants can find and interact with a life-size animated abstract sculpture inspired by physical sculpture, as well as rotate, pinch and zoom to examine details.

Architects can also take advantage of their own physical environments and turn them into interactive play spaces by walking around virtually, examining the product from all angles and soaking up their surroundings. Each sculpture is accompanied by high quality product sheets containing useful images and specification information.

“We understand that our audience of architects, designers, developers and hoteliers around the world gain so much more from an experience that can be seen, felt and enjoyed within the context of a physical environment,” said Angela Zahn, director of the Kohler Kitchen & Bath group. Global campaigns and channel marketing. “As a result, the creative team landed on a concept that was both transportable and grounded, while embracing the constraints of a remote environment in a thoughtful, sophisticated and innovative way.”

Through this immersive hybrid experience, architects and designers can discover the countless ways Kohler products can bring a sense of harmony and revitalization to their designs and create their own wellness spaces.

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Main image credit: Kohler

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