Ky cosmetology student makes ‘sweet’ creations with her talents

A cosmetology student from Kentucky fulfills her dreams in the sweetest way and shares her talents with others. You have to see his latest creation ‘SWEET’.


Layla is from here in Owensboro, Kentucky. I watched this young woman grow from a toddler and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hair on her head out of place. She always looks like she’s ready to walk the red carpet at any moment. To put it plainly, she is a beautiful girl. I had the opportunity to ask her why she decided to go into cosmetology and this is what she had to say;

My passion for the beauty industry came from my childhood, my grandmother was a cosmetologist and I grew up spending days at work with her and watching her. When my mom opened Legacy Salon and Spa, I knew cosmetology was what I wanted to do. I started my journey in cosmetology at the salon professional academy in Evansville. I learned all the basics of being a beautician and I can’t wait to learn even more when I’m on my own.

She says she’s always wanted to wear makeup since she was a pre-teen;

I’ve been doing makeup since I was about 12 when I started watching tutorials on how to do it. Like anything else, practice makes perfect. Since then, I have been doing makeup almost every day trying to improve myself so that I can hopefully host wedding parties in the future.


Layla bragged about her school telling me that she always gave them opportunities to excel and have fun. Recently they held a ‘Fantasy Makeup Challenge’ and Layla was totally up for the challenge.

She attends Salon Professional Academy in Evansville.

Over 325 votes were cast for the photos and Layla was named the winner of the contest.

Talk about making things sweet. It’s absolutely amazing. Layla says she likes to do her hair too. His favorite is the up-do.

She wanted to make sure and tell her family and her boyfriend how much she appreciates their love and support for her on this journey.

We are proud of Layla and can’t wait to see all she does.

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