Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Home Kitchen Bar & Grill


We’re on the edge, folks, but don’t despair. I have some last minute shopping ideas for the Home Kitchen Bar & Grill owner in your life. These items are available in department stores, specialty stores and online.

1. Look Sharp: No kitchen pro or aspirant can function without a good knife. A good chef’s knife, knife set, sharpening steel, or even a stand for all the tools of the trade are ideal for budding catering pros and serious hobbyists alike.

2. around the block: With knives in mind, don’t forget a new cutting board or chopping block. Styles run the gamut, from sturdy plastic from the work house to beautifully styled wood from a local craftsman.

3. Laser focus: There are food thermometers and they are infrared laser thermometers. No need to replenish protein or leave and track heat chords with this tool. Simply lift the lid on the grill or open the oven door, aim and shoot to take the temperature of that brisket or roast. The grill chef in your house will owe it to you for life.

4. have a grip: Gloves are the secret weapon of any home kitchen. From heat resistant oven mitts to latex gloves for everyday use, cooks will assure you they can’t function without them.

5. Loving the oven: Home cooks can always use something utilitarian and stylish. Cool cookware like a ceramic lasagna dish or a Tandoor make a great gift.

6. Gadgets: Just because air fryers, instant pressure cookers and sous vide water circulators were all the rage a few Christmases ago doesn’t mean they’re out of fashion. Any countertop appliance with lasting utility is welcome, which means not sleeping on the joy that can be derived from a simple rice steamer.

seven. Put a lid on it: Grills and smokers come and go, but not as quickly if you store them properly. Take a look at the old warhorse on your patio and imagine how beautiful it would look with the proper cover to carry it through the winter months and on rainy days.

8. Cheers!: Glasses and mugs are easy to take for granted, but if you pack Riedel crystal for the wine connoisseur on your list or Tiki glasses for the back patio, your gifting game will become legend.

9. Turn the page: Cookbooks are always a great gift, no matter how many recipes you’ve Googled. Local chef Sean Cummings has a brand new cookbook. “Canna Madness Dinner Party” is filled with easy recipes ideal for THC or CBD fortified dinner parties. Which reminds me. Isn’t it time to get a new copy of “Classic Oklahoma City Restaurants?” It is now available on Kindle and in hardcover.

ten. treat them: Gift cards are always welcome. Stop by your favorite restaurants, bars, grills and gourmet shops in the name of Santa Claus for the foodies on your gift list.

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