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TR PHOTO BY ROBERT MAHARRY Husband and wife Gabe and Joy Vanlandschoot are co-owners of the new Live Now Consign and Design store in Marshalltown Mall, directly across from Bath and Body Works.

Gabe and Joy Vanlandschoot were already running their own screen printing business when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but they decided they wanted to branch out further and take on a new challenge even as other companies downsized or closed. The Brooklyn-based couple first bought a consignment store in Grinnell during an asset sale before renaming it Live Now Consign and Designs, and last month they opened their second location in the Marshalltown Mall fair. across from Bath and Body Works. .

With a wide selection of clothing for shoppers of all ages and sizes and ample space inside the mall, the Vanlandschoots hope they can offer something for everyone. Because they were already in the clothing business, they saw consignments as a natural offshoot, and Marshalltown presented itself as a great place to grow.

“We loved the location inside the mall and across from Bath and Body Works, but also, it was really welcoming to be in Marshalltown.” said Joy. “I just think people are really welcoming, and it always seems like there is a need for consignment stores and people are finding something at a fraction of the cost.”

It’s also a boost for the mall, which has struggled to attract and retain businesses in recent years. Gabe said he heard from the locals “everyday” how excited they are to see a new store, but he reminds them that Live Now will need customers to be successful here.

In addition to clothing, Live Now offers gift items like bath bombs and mugs with humorous messages, to name a few.

Starting a business is an act of faith in itself, but adding a second location can be just as if not more daunting. The Vanlandschoots, however, relish the challenge.

“It’s a little different because I feel like you don’t know what you’re always getting yourself into, and you don’t know how people are going to accept you in this place. But it went really well ”, said Joy. “I think the challenge is letting people know we’re here and making sure they walk into the Marshalltown Mall. “

Live Now will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Joy is planning special sales over the next few weeks to kick off the holiday season – including being open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and offering 10% off every purchase on December 4 – and introducing the store to customers in the area. of Marshalltown.


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