Luella’s Gift Market: For the One Who Has Everything | Rogersville

During Heritage Days in downtown Rogersville, I took lots of photos of Luella’s gift market and posted them on My Rogersville.

The place was packed with customers looking at all the quality merchandise. Recently I went back and met some lovely ladies from Luella including Sandy Haun Larkin and Caitlin Winburn. Abigail Daniels whom I had met before.

I brought a couple of friends Jimmie Moody Salyer and Valerie Mallett Goins this time. We had a blast posing for photos and enjoying the Christmas atmosphere.

This is the store for the person who has it all. So many excellent gift ideas. They offer a wide variety of brands including Pandora. Brighton, Hobo bags, Nora Fleming, Life is Good, Ronaldo, Bogg Bags, Brumate, Lily Pulitzer, Kate Spade and Stationary. There are candles, local home decor products, gourmet foods and specialties, baby items and seasonal items.

Luella’s Gift Market at 117 E. Main Street in Rogersville opened on February 7, 2003 in the UGO Mall and moved downtown in August 2014. They are open Monday through Friday 11-4 Saturday 11-3 .

It is such a fun place to walk around and discover all the treasures. I found an undercover unicorn bracelet and embossed napkins that my mom could use on Thanksgiving. Jimmie and I went upstairs and tried on Thelma and Louise hats and found many interesting items as well as clothing items.

Jimmie said, “Luella’s has the most unique ideas for unusual gifts that are usable like the hats we’ve tried on for you and your best friend. Also the best collection of sweet bracelets with attached meanings. I’m going back for one of their Christmas wreaths. I love Pandora / Brighton jewelry with all the wonderful choices.

Valerie had us all try on a buttery soft jacket from Good Hart by Matilda Jane. Caitlin was a perfect role model as well as Jimmie. Valerie said, “My God, you know I love Luella’s. It is my choice for all the gifts or for a lot of decorations around my house. In addition, I have considered them friends for a long time. I love all the brands they offer and their gift wrapping! I can’t beat Luella’s.

Everything was tastefully decorated throughout the shop and Caitlin was busy adding more and the gift bags are very special. Sandy and Caitlin were a pleasure to meet. The boutique is definitely a reflection of the women who run it. As it rained outside, we were all very comfortable in this wonderful world of glitter. pretty shiny things.

Whenever you need a special gift, come in and look around to see what catches your eye. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the endless options to choose from. I loved the layout of the place with 3 floors. The staircase is beautiful and perfect for a photoshoot. There is a special atmosphere of southern charm mixed with a big city vibe in this corner of shopper’s paradise. It will knock your socks off.

It’s tempting to stay in the jewelry section, but there is so much more to discover. It is an absolute must see if you are in town. There is a rear entrance also with parking available.

I returned the next day to say hello and was swept away by Sandy who had a lot to say, “I want to thank my clients for their continued support. I had a lot to do personally. apologies for not being in the store to say hello. But I love Rogersville and the people who live there. I look forward to 2022. Looks like downtown is going to grow and be booming.

You can reach them at 423-272-7656 and also view them online.

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