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When Danneill Laird bought her very first sewing machine, she didn’t know how to make it work. But she managed to find her way into creating beautiful cushions. Today, she is the proud owner and creator of Ashley Laird Designs, an ultra-chic company that creates personalized pillows, personalized towels, luxury scented candles and handcrafted jewelry.

Although this is her baby, the young business owner is no stranger to entrepreneurship. “As a child, I billed my aunt for dog washing services. And I was baking and selling brownies at school, ”she said. Life.

As a teenager, Laird tapped into the exciting world of cosmetology, buying and selling Bath & Body Works products until she graduated from college. This pragmatic approach to business prepared her for her journey into interior design and accessories.

The hobby that started in 2012 evolved into a certified business five years later, and Laird couldn’t be happier with the positive feedback. “I love when my clients are excited and in love with the end product. When they text me after receiving their product or write reviews on our Google page, and I see how happy they are, it makes me happy, ”she revealed.

The ordering process can be overwhelming for some as everything is so new and detailed, but she and her team are here to ease that buying burden. “We’re here to guide and offer opinions, and we’ll take care of every detail, from design and production to packaging and delivery, both locally and internationally. “

Lover of cute and minimalist designs, you can find simple, modern pieces that are neutral and versatile in color and design in Laird’s home. Beyond personal tastes, the magic created in his workshop is adapted to his customers. It also features a dazzling design and accessories readily available for purchase. A prime example of such a personalized creation is the Francesca set.

The pillow and candle combination is the most memorable order yet, as the client has given Laird complete creative freedom (his happy place), with some basic information about the recipient’s personality. “I was able to create a gift that my client was delighted and happy to give. “

With new products still in the works, she remains both happy and optimistic about the growth of her online business: “There are plans to convert our website into an e-commerce platform, in order to allow more access. easy to our products. ”

For more information on how you can support this local business and deliver a luxury giveaway for the upcoming holiday season, follow on Instagram and Facebook: @ashleylairddesigns.

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