Metal Sign Designs is the pioneer in the adoption of indoor and outdoor metal wall art.

Metal Sign Designs adds a new style to home decor with its artistically forged metal art pieces that are acclaimed to last forever.

What makes a house a home isn’t just the people who live there. A home is also a place that reflects a person’s tastes, style and personality. Humans have long used various materials like wood, fabrics, paints, and glass to distinguish their homes from others. Nowadays, more and more people have embraced the use of metals in decorating their homes. And the reasons for this are not far-fetched.

For one thing, metals are beautiful to look at and flexible enough to adapt to any home decor theme. On the other hand, metals are durable enough to last for several generations. It only needs to be coated every few years to maintain its beauty. It also helps that the metal parts don’t burn a hole in the pocket compared to other materials.

That said, one of the creative ways to use metal to add style to homes is with metal wall art. And the company at the forefront of this adoption is Metal Sign Designs.

Metal Sign Designs is a company comprised of a small team of designers who are passionate about “bringing something new to indoor and outdoor wall art”. Their mission statement, “Forging Ideas into Eternal Art”, can be seen in the beautiful pieces of craftsmanship they make.

Metal Sign Designs offers a large collection of pieces on different themes for buyers to choose from. Some of their themes include animals, dragons, family, love fan art, custom street names, nature, and Valentine’s Day gifts. There is even the option of ordering a custom design if one is unhappy with the collections available.

“We love creating new collections for our customers and are always on the lookout for new inspiration in all walks of life.”

Besides gifting someone a piece of Metal Sign Designs, one can even take it a step further by giving them a gift card which they can use to order what they like from the site. The Metal Sign Designs gift card is perfect for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Buyers can also get a free gift card for doing nothing but filming the unboxing of their metal piece and then sending it to Metal Sign Designs. If the team features the video on one of their social media handles, the buyer automatically receives a free $250 gift card to purchase their favorite metal wall art at the store. For those who don’t wish to make a video, a photo of the wall art at its final resting place will do.

A glance at the Metal Sign Designs website will see satisfied buyers raving about the artistry and quality of their products. Walter Simmonds is one such buyer. In his own words, “this piece is exquisite in every way; it’s rich in detail, but it’s also remarkably solid. As the focal point of my vacation home’s “Tree of Life” decor scheme, this room is a focal point in a well-thought-out, little-spared design.

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