Mother’s Day gift guide

Sazerac House Museum
101 Magazine Street, New Orleans 504-910-0100 Cocktail garnish travel pouch, $15. Zipped travel pouch to store all your essentials with illustrations of cocktail garnishes by Kate Lacour.

The collection shop
520 Royal St., New Orleans 504-523-4662 Small magnolia necklace in sterling silver $75.

4408 Shores Drive, Metairie 504-888-3313 LAMPE BERGER…the perfect gift for Mother’s Day! It is both decorative and functional. Made in France for more than 120 years, each Lampe Berger sanitizes, purifies and perfumes the air with more than 50 scents to choose from. Improve the air you live in by getting rid of cooking, pet and household odors. Available at AURALUZ and

PERLIS Clothing
6070 Magazine Street, New Orleans 1281 N Causeway Blvd, Mandeville 8366 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge 800-725-6070 Give your mom a relaxing spa-like experience with the Spongelle Infused Body Wash Pad. Cleanses, exfoliates, massages and hydrates the skin with a scented foam and lasts for over 14 uses.

Indigo Shop
605 Metairie Road, Suite C, Metairie 1795 Martin Luther King Blvd, Suite B, Houma 504-635-7874 Outdoor scented candles and home scents in collectible cocktails. Salute by Semper Beve soy-based candles and natural lotions. Sold exclusively at Indigo Boutique.

Shopping center by the lake
3301 Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Metairie 504-835-8000 Style is in bloom at Lakeside this Mother’s Day. Visit Mignon Faget at the Lakeside Mall to purchase the Jasmine Flower Chain Necklace. Available in store or curbside pickup.

BLEU, a brushing bar
701 Metairie Rd #112, Metairie 504-309-5999 Give the woman in your life what she really wants for Mother’s Day. BLUE gift cards never expire and are valid for services, products and even tips.

4228 Magazine St. 504-256-0030 Indigo Oyster Jewelery Dish $40. *Selection of models available.

Exchange Shop 5530 Magazine Street, New Orleans 7716 Maple Street, New Orleans 504-304-6025 Shopping for mom is fashionable and easy at Swap Boutique’s two Uptown stores where the best designer clothes from today are available in two department stores. Visit today and find the gift and style you want.

504-242-8888 Spoil mom with the gift of authentic Italian cuisine. Dagostino Pasta Company’s Creole Italian Party Box is the perfect gift – better yet, use the handmade ingredients to cook him a gourmet meal. Visit, $36.99.

2104 Magazine Street, New Orleans 504-827-1269 Scalloped Dolce hat by Lack of Color, $138. The scalloped, sunny, sailor sun hat of your dreams. Crafted from a golden wheat straw weave, this domed crown sun hat is perfect for days spent in the sun.

Boudreaux Jewelers
701 Metairie Road, Metairie 504-831-2602 Jude Frances mixed metal bracelet collection, from $780.

Art & Eyes
3708 Magazine Street, New Orleans 504-891-4494 @art.and.eyes NINA MUR FRAMES. Handmade, to order in Madrid, Spain! Crafted from wood, titanium and resin…lightweight, durable and oh so pretty!

Lee Michaels
3301 Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Suite 11-B, Metairie 504-832-0000 David Yurman sculpted cable cuff bracelet with pavé diamonds, retail value – $1,800.

Ballin’s LTD
2917 Magazine Street, New Orleans 721 Dante Street, New Orleans 504-891-4502 Make this Mother’s Day with the Vienna Pendant, an ornate oval-shaped pendant with openwork gold lace hanging from a beautifully textured chain.

Symmetry Jewelers
8138 Hampson Street, New Orleans 504-861-9925 24k gold-plated sterling silver cuff bracelet with tiny delicate flowers by designer Bernd Wolf, 1.25″ wide, $100.

jade.shoplightspeed.com324 Metairie Road 504-875-4420 These are handmade ceramic flowers and succulents, each of a kind to decorate your wall or simply lay on a stack of books. Create your own sculpture. Unlimited shapes, colors and sizes. Shop them at

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