Narco-Saints season 1, episode 3 recap


Things get complicated in a third episode with many moving parts, as Ingu and Changho try to convince Pastor Jeon before a giant shipment of cocaine.

This recap of Netflix’s Narco-Saints Season 1, Episode 3 contains spoilers.

What I wonder about Pastor Jeon is how much he believes his own stupidity.

In the opening scene of this third episode, which follows moments from the end of the second, he and Ingu discuss why the latter is back in Suriname after having already served a prison sentence which was not his fault, and the conversation naturally turns to his current efforts. He has had his fortune taken away from him, his legitimate business has been destroyed and can no longer bring any profit to his family. Otherwise, why would he be back in Suriname if not for the money?

Narco-Saints season 1, episode 3 recap

The way Jeon describes cocaine is in explicitly religious terms, as a pure gift from Our Lord and Saviour. It’s a weird excuse to follow because Ingu sees through the gimmick, and Jeon has no illusions about it. Is he staying true to his character or has he been playing character for so long now that there’s no one else there?

Regardless, however, Jeon’s resources are needed to export cocaine from Suriname, and Chen Zhen, at least according to Jeon, cannot afford to make Ingu the margins he needs. So that’s his argument. If all Ingu wants to do is make money, he will make more by working with Jeon.

So, this is obviously the first step in Ingu and the NIS’ plan to trap Jeon. The episode’s high-level setting is about Ingu connecting Jeon to his “contact”, Sangman, who is really Changho on the phone in the hideout. Jeon has questions, but Changho/Sangman has answers. He plans to get the cocaine to the Korean mainland without interception by smuggling it with chicken destined for the US military stationed there, 60% of which is imported from Brazil. Jeon likes the plan but insists on meeting in person, which forces Changho to step out of the script, arrange a flight to Suriname, and present himself as if he just got off set. miami vice.

All potential negotiations are postponed by Jeon’s thorough attempts to vet her potential new business partner. Sangman’s passport reveals a previous visit to Suriname two years prior, the purpose of which Jeon is curious about. Sangman says it was about trying to find a way to import coke into South Korea, but his visit included a stop at the US Embassy, ​​which seems an unlikely destination for a coke smuggler. dope. Sangman claims to have had a contact there, an American named Douglas Harper, who was selling drugs nearby. The story doesn’t carry much weight and it looks like the whole thing is going to go up in smoke.

Narco Saints cheat a bit here to build suspense, of course. Changho only later revealed to Ingu that his previous visit to Suriname was intentionally kept on his passport because a completely clean passport would have been too suspicious, and that Douglas Harper is a genuine embassy employee who actually made the under investigation for drug trafficking. The story is verified, so when Jeon sends David over to confirm it, we know he’ll confirm “Sangman’s” claims, but we still end up on the wire. When David takes a little longer than expected to retrieve the information, Jeon sends Preacher to kill Ingu and Sangman in their hotel, and it’s not until the two parties are standing on either side of the door with their guns drawn that David is finally able to verify Sangman’s story.

Nevertheless, Jeon is satisfied and agrees to provide two tons of pure Colombian cocaine to ship to Korea, which will take a month. Changho plans to return to Brazil, leaving Ingu to handle things there, which is probably just as well since their relationship is tested by Ingu discovering that it was the NIS who tipped off the Dutch authorities to seize his shipment of skateboards. in Aruba. Jeon also essentially forces Ingu to move in with him for the duration of this deal, which can’t be a good thing.

I should note that it seems strange to me how willing Ingu and Changho are to accept food and drink from Jeon knowing that he likes to put drugs in it, and that brings me to my next point. While snooping around the grounds, Ingu spies on one of Jeon’s cults, a woman, beaten with a stick for some sort of transgression and notes Changho that everyone, including children, is forced to drink the blue concoction. mixed with cocaine.

Anyway, there are a few important things to note here. For one thing, based on Changho’s dialogue, it looks like there’s another NIS spy somewhere in Jeon’s operation, although I can’t be sure that’s what he’s looking for. wanted to come. Another thing is Chen Zhen. He constantly pesters Ingu about meeting him, and the fisherman makes the mistake of going to see him alone. When he does, he is jumped, beaten, and taken to an alligator farm. Chen Zhen wants to punish him for siding with Jeon, but Ingu offers him a new deal: he will kill Jeon, Chen Zhen can resume his operation, and the two can sell cocaine in Korea together. But that means Jeon will have to be dealt with before the drugs leave Brazil, which is problematic since Jeon does not even personally witness the transport of the two tons – at least half of which, it should be noted, were acquired on credit – towards the Suriname-Brazil border.

The episode ends with the entire gang being held at gunpoint by Brazilian border authorities. The plot thickens.

You can stream Narco-Saints season 1, episode 3 exclusively on Netflix.

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