Never before seen Cristóbal Balenciaga’s couture designs become a massive NFT drop

In the 1950s, Cristóbal Balenciaga pioneered new forms never seen before in fashion, including the babydoll dress, the sack dress and the cocoon coat. With these design innovations, he achieved what is considered his most important contribution to the world of fashion: a new silhouette for women. Long before there were non-fungible token drops and cryptos, Cristóbal took fashion and women to the moon.

“Cristóbal Balenciaga: To the Moon” NFT collection set to launch on NFT. It is inspired by Lorenzo Riva’s collection of over 8,000 designs created by Cristóbal Balenciaga at the height of the couture movement. As artistic director of Balenciaga in the 1980s, Riva received these unpublished pieces from the Maison Balenciaga. Cointelegraph collaborated with Riva, Art Consulting – the company that curates Riva’s Balenciaga collection – and NFT art platform Artvein to create the NFTs for the fall.

High fashion, high redeemable

In honor of this prestigious project, Riva has decided to double the rewards and redeemables. Select owners of the collection’s NFT are lucky enough to receive Balenciaga gear, gift cards from high-end designer brands, and even Cristóbal’s 70-year-old designs. Additionally, all NFT holders will receive a whitelist spot for all upcoming “Lorenzo Riva X Cristóbal Balenciaga” NFT drops.

NFTs have disrupted traditional markets and forced companies to pivot and adopt new ideologies. With an avant-garde philosophy in mind, Riva, Art Consulting, Artvein and Cointelegraph are taking fashion into the metaverse. Along with the amazing redeemable items mentioned above, NFT holders in this collection will have access to future digital wearables in the metaverse.

Strategic partnerships for a good cause

“Cristóbal Balenciaga: To the Moon” made Animal Concerts a strategic partner. Its robust ecosystem will enable utility-driven value, greater marketing push, and even more rewards. All “Cristóbal Balenciaga: To the Moon” NFT holders will receive a free Animal Concerts Metaverse concert ticket in 2022, as well as special benefits for select holders, including tickets to virtual fashion shows, in-person concerts and a spot on the whitelist for future Animal Concerts NFT falls with the biggest celebrities.

Defy Trends is another strategic partner making waves and setting standards. The women-led insights center uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, providing investors with digestible and actionable data to enable better digital asset investment decisions. Not only does Defy Trends “present simplified ways to make investing decisions” for everyone, but its groundbreaking “Women Who Defy” ambassador program aims to bring women into the space by providing educational resources, networking opportunities and a monthly stipend. The goal is to “empower women to learn about new technologies and the resulting investment opportunities so they can achieve their long-term financial goals.”

Cointelegraph will also host a series of Twitter spaces with Defy Trends focusing on women in crypto, NFTs and the “Cristóbal Balenciaga: To the Moon” drop. Additionally, Defy Trends will host a series of in-person events to take a deep dive into the state of NFTs with its extensive “Women Who Defy” community and shine a light on the “Cristóbal Balenciaga: To the Moon” collection. Finally, a generous donation of $25,000 will be made to Defy Trend’s “The Women Who Defy” ambassador program.

For those of you who want to get whitelisted and ultimately participate in an NFT project that aims to set the standard for meta fashion and empower communities, click here to get whitelisted and learn more .

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