New Witch Sim is a mix of Stardew Valley and Kiki’s Delivery Service

The video game industry is often seen as an industry of constant progress and innovation. Many developers strive to stay on track and continually expand their audience by incorporating improved accessibility, advanced game mechanics, and eye-catching visuals. Sometimes, however, it’s the little things that have the biggest impact. A South Korea-based indie developer seems to have uncovered some of the industry’s unusual secrets to success, as its upcoming witch sim will offer a unique blend of Stardew Valleythe gameplay of and a revised premise of Kiki’s Delivery Service.

SUNNY SIDE UP unveiled Little witch in the woods some time ago, but the official release date was postponed to next year due to unforeseen circumstances. However, Steam users and Game Pass subscribers can expect to test the waters with the Early Access version releasing on May 17. It will feature approximately five hours of gameplay covering the prologue and the first chapter, while the full version will also include two additional chapters and the epilogue.

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Players fond of relaxing simulation games will be delighted, as they embark on a lush, pixelated adventure starring a teenage witch named Ellie. Similar to Kiki’s Delivery Service, Little witch in the woods tackles the theme of maturity in a curious way by focusing on the daily life of a teenager aspiring to perfect herself in the art of witchcraft. According to the Lucerein Ortu Code, Ellie’s rite of passage requires her to move into one of the titular witch houses, where she is tasked with lending a helping hand to nearby villagers and learning more about her surroundings.

Ellie’s daily endeavors will eventually lead to new discoveries, which will in turn fill the blank pages of the witch’s mysterious book – a type of bestiary that records information about various creatures, plants, and potions. Just like Kiki, the little apprentice witch knows the language of felines, which allows her to strike up a conversation with them. Since each furball has a different appearance and personality, Ellie’s approach can make or break these fateful encounters. If the feline in question takes a liking to the young witch, he might just decide to follow her around for the day.

In terms of gameplay mechanics and narrative delivery, players can expect to see a mix of some of the most iconic features found in Stardew Valley, animal crossing and Gust Workshop franchise. Along with exploring the world, collecting and processing materials to create potions is central to Little witch in the woods. This basic mechanic is responsible for solving almost all the mysteries of the game, unlocking new areas and progressing further.

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Since no slice-of-life simulation would be complete without a day/night cycle and side activities, Ellie will be able to fish when the opportunity arises and restore her vigor by calling it a day. On the other hand, responding to villagers’ requests, befriending them, and giving gifts will eventually lead them to confide in the adorably independent protagonist. This provides players with additional guidance on how to proceed with certain quests and interactions.

SUNNY SIDE UP considered Little witch in the woods as a comprehensive title that is inspired by heartfelt emotions, delivering a rich player experience in return. While the developer believes a single-player mode best serves the intended game structure, the team is open to implementing online multiplayer aspects at a later date. Whatever the final decision, fans of similar titles that embody a laid-back approach to everyday activities in a fantasy setting will no doubt enjoy it all. Little witch in the woods has to offer.

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