Onions Australia brings gift basket to Canberra to thank Tony Abbott for boom in onion inquiries

Two bites were enough.

On a trip to a fruit and vegetable farm in Tasmania, Prime Minister Tony Abbott shocked onlookers – and in no time the rest of the world – when he bit into a raw onion, the skin and all .


Today, Onions Australia Managing Director Lechelle Earl travels to Canberra to thank the Prime Minister for triggering a mini-boom in investigations into the humble vegetable.

And Ms Earl plans to deliver a thank you package to Mr Abbott – a basket of raw onions and a ‘top secret’ onion-themed meal ‘just in case the Prime Minister decides to try his onions. ‘a slightly more prepared way’.

Mrs Earl has spent the last five years of her life living and breathing onions – she says she is “passionate about the industry” – but she has never seen anything like the level of interest in the slightly smelly vegetable from Mr. Abbott’s fateful bite.

“I was really surprised but delighted that Mr Abbott decided to bite into a good quality, whole, unpeeled onion. More people should do it,” she said, hastily adding that ” personally, I would remove the skin “.

“The phone from Onions Australia has been hot since the Prime Minister was seen eating a raw onion. We are more than willing to speak to anyone who wants to tell us about the health benefits of our onions.”

“People are interested, asking if they can be eaten whole and people are also wondering why the Prime Minister left the skin – which I attribute to personal choice. National and international media have also expressed an interest.

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