Opinion: Why retailers need to show love to delivery people this Mother’s Day

This year will be the first time many across the UK have celebrated Mother’s Day in person in two years. And while that means hugs are back on the agenda, delivery issues threaten to ruin any giveaway plans, says Sendcloud CEO Rob van den Heuvel.

Retailers are already on high alert, but with supply chains continuing to be disrupted meaning items are still being delayed, retailers will need to show their delivery providers some love.

No one wants anyone to leave empty-handed this Mother’s Day, so to help minimize disruption for retailers and reduce bottlenecks for delivery providers, I wanted to offer my own “motherly” advice in sharing some tips for retailers to avoid delivery issues:

1. Offer flexible payment

The last thing you want is for delivery drivers to show up at the door when no one is around, which is why choosing the delivery time is one of the biggest priorities when shopping online. line for mothers day.

When delivery attempts are missed, packages are returned to a Parcel Point or even directly to the sender, which can lead to a lot of frustration and wasted time for customers and retailers. But if retailers could offer the customer flexible shipping options, you can increase the chances of first-time delivery attempts and increase customer satisfaction.

You could even take it a step further and allow customers to choose the delivery time or place themselves, or provide parcel lockers and pick-up points to guarantee first deliveries as well. The benefits go beyond customers, as it can also provide a cheaper method of shipping to the retailer while easing pressure on the parcel network, making life a little easier for delivery drivers this Mother’s Day. .

2. Don’t put all your chocolates in one box

We know from experience that many online Mother’s Day orders will arrive at the last second, placing a heavy burden on same-day and next-day delivery services at a time when suppliers are already struggling to cope. to an ever-growing backlog.

The answer for retailers is to spread their delivery options across multiple carriers, which helps reduce the risk of delivery bottlenecks and keep customers (and their relationships with their moms) happy. While working with a single delivery service may seem convenient and more cost effective, retailers are only limiting their options, especially if they are looking to expand and ship packages internationally.

Multiple carrier options also provide greater flexibility in deliveries, because the last thing customers want is to miss a delivery time – or worse, deliver unpackaged items directly to the recipient.

3. Keep your customers informed every step of the way

It’s not just your warehouse that will have to pull out all the stops during this busy time, but customer service is also often overwhelmed. You want to prevent your support team from constantly being bothered by the status of a package, so why not give customers the ability to check the status of packages whenever they want?

By automating your tracking updates, you can also ensure that customers receive real-time updates in the event of a shipment delay. With all the disruption to delivery services right now, clear and accurate communication is so important to keeping customers happy on an important day like this – you really don’t want to keep your customers in the dark.

Timing will be everything this Mother’s Day, so make sure you can deliver the right sentiment this year and that your customers get the gifts they need on time!

Written by Rob van den Heuvel, CEO of Sendcloud.

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