Patrick Adair designs game-changing wedding rings with stardust, meteorites or mammoth teeth

Patrick Adair Designs Wedding rings are truly something I have never seen before. It all comes from a man who sought to turn the world of men’s wedding bands from ho-hum to damn f***!

I have to tell you the craziest story ever. Chances are you think it’s bull…well, you’re not going to believe it.

You see, one day I was going through row after row of boring, unimaginative men’s wedding bands… I had finally had enough!

“Is this this?” I screamed.

“Rows and rows of silver and gold, and that’s all you have?”

I know, it’s a bit much.

But, from that jewelry tirade, I discovered a truly fantastic ring designer named Patrick Adair who transformed my 10 fingers (and my life).

Failure of “modern” men’s jewelry

So after going to several ring shops I just gave up.

I even went to “alternative” shops with rings that had all kinds of engravings… but it was mostly the same problem.

I wanted a wedding ring that was really “me”.

If you want pure silver or pure gold, you’re in luck.

If you want something with a personality as unique as mine? You’re screwed!

And no matter where I went, I faced the same problems:

  • Typical colors
  • No individuality
  • Nothing really exotic about rings

I needed something from another planet!

I needed something that inspired me every time I watched it.

I needed a ring that wowed people every time they saw it…

That’s when someone suggested I take a look at Patrick Adair Designs, and I was blown away.

First, let me explain how these designs came about and why they are so special.

Let me explain how Patrick Adair sought to create true works of art for the warrior-poet in all of us.

A Dremel and a Dream

Patrick Adair working on a ring

This is the story of a young man and his passion for… carbon fibre. Weird, I know – but for Patrick, it was a great sight to see.

He bought his first slab in 2015 and never looked back. He explored his passion for design and created beautiful rings that no one had ever seen or even imagined before.

He even launched a Kickstarter campaign and Patrick Adair Designs was born.

He’s one of those dynamos who made their way through college!

All the while, her intense dedication to creating unique, stunning and beautiful rings has blossomed. Today, Patrick Adair Designs continues to do things NOBODY ELSE DOES!

What is Patrick Adair Designs?

Patrick Adair Designs Blue Ring

It’s an American-made, born-in-the-USA manufacturing company that does what no one else on earth is. They create all types of rings, including wedding bands, which are actually works of art.

Handcrafted and born from fire, these handcrafted artisan rings are made with the rarest luxury materials you can imagine.

What kind of materials, you ask? What would you say:

✅ Meteorite (real AF)

✅ Luminous materials

✅ Mammoth Tooth

✅ Megalodon Tooth

Does it make you curious?

They come with a lifetime warranty and can be shipped anywhere from the factory. Plus, EVERY RING IS DIFFERENT.

They are made to order, so if two people order the same style, they will always look different.

It is the height of being an individual. This is the vision of Patrick Adair.

What do Patrick Adair Designs wedding bands look like?

Here are just 4 of Patrick Adair’s most popular designs – there’s NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT ANYWHERE!

The Boundless Sunken Artifact Glowstone Ring

The Boundless Sunken Artifact Glowstone Ring wows everyone!

Check the price

He has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and over 80 million views on his Youtube page! Why? Because people are completely sucked into unique designs.

He even shows people how he makes these beautiful, intricate rings. Think about it for a moment. He’s popular, he shows people what he’s doing, and he’s ALWAYS the only one doing it.

You are the only you

With Patrick Adair Designs, you can get a bespoke personalized ring that matches your finger and your personality.

You are not just a customer in a store; you are the only person this ring will EVER fit.

5 Star Reviews

Check out some of his reviews:

I love this ring.

“I love this ring. Every step of the process from sizing to delivery was amazing.

-Bret P.

PAD did an amazing job

“I couldn’t have asked for a better ring. PAD did an amazing job and was very communicative throughout the process and was done in a timely manner!

– Amber A

High-end jewelry without high-end prices

“Feels and looks like anything you would buy at high end jewelry stores without the high end prices.”

– Well

Go Viral

Patrick Adair Designs was founded in 2015, but they have grown exponentially every year! They sell so many rings they can barely keep up!

Patrick has instituted a high end quality control process to ensure that each ring meets customer demands, is unique and meets its own high standards.

Unexpected testimony

“Once I discovered Patrick Adair Designs, I was hooked. I needed to know more and get one myself (at least one!).

But then I saw someone with a PAD ring that blew my mind…my dad! That’s right, Mr. Corporate himself wore the Solid Diamond Glowstone Ring.

I ran up to him at our annual family picnic.

“Dad, do you know Patrick Adair Designs? »

He looked me straight in the eye ‘Son when they made me, they broke the mold. I wear a tie now, but I was a radical in the late 60s.’

I said, ‘Dad, I had no idea.’

“Yes,” he said, “and that ring shines at night to remind me of who I was and who I am.”

Another PAD story

Patrick Adair designs a personalized ring

For my big day, my partner bought me a Patrick Adair Designs ring (I chose The Boundless Sunken Artifact Glowstone ring).

Holy shit, that blew people away!

Every wedding guest who saw it, every waiter at the reception, even the minister was asking where I got it.

And honestly, I was amazed. I loved it and my current wife too: and that’s all that really matters.

How much do Patrick Adair Designs wedding bands cost?

They have rings for every budget, from $75 to $1,200.

Most popular rings cost between $250 and $400.

And no matter what you choose, each ring will blow your mind!

Where can you buy your own ring by Patrick Adair Designs?

If you want a ring from Patrick Adair Designs they offer an evergreen ring free gift with any purchase of $150 or more. Use the link to check them out!

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