Project Hot Paws makes a special pre-Christmas delivery

Schoolchildren will open the gifts on Friday. Normally, representatives from the Kinsmen Club would be on hand to watch the event and hold a cheering rally, but due to COVID restrictions this was not possible last year or this year. Devers said he always enjoys seeing and hearing reactions.

“These kids are running around after school, saying these mittens make them faster and give them superpowers. All of that is pretty fun, especially when these kids don’t come to school on days like today. it’s after a snowstorm and they’re sitting there without hats or mittens, ”he said.

The Kinsmen Club raises funds throughout the year for this project and winter clothing is purchased from a Canadian company called Hot Paws. Devers said the project has grown from one school originally to two schools, and this year to five.

Superintendent of Catholic Schools Robert Tessier said PANOW the donation is greatly appreciated.

“We have families and students that they move to on a regular basis and sometimes when you move you don’t necessarily find your winter items in the winter,” he said.

On behalf of the Prince Albert Catholic School Division, Tessier expressed his gratitude to all community members and groups who take the time to consider the youth of the city and the schools they attend.

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