‘Slow’ Uber needs to do better in the grocery delivery space – Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Oskar Hjertonsson, Uber’s global head of grocery and retail and former CEO and co-founder of Cornershop, told a press conference that Uber is launching new features and it’s about the “most comprehensive update yet” for the company’s grocery vertical.

The changes come as Uber “is betting big on groceries,” Hjertonsson said.

Meanwhile, Therese Lim, Uber’s Senior Director of Vertical News and Grocery, outlined the upcoming changes to the Eats app, noting that they aim to bring grocery e-commerce to the same level. than shopping in-store and as easy as ordering at a restaurant on Eats.

The new order scheduling feature allows customers to place orders whether a store is open, either for the next available delivery window or during another open time slot.

Lim noted that this feature stems from customer feedback and is intended to address constraints around whether stores are open or couriers are available to shop.

Another new feature is live order tracking, which will allow customers to track and interact with who is purchasing orders.

Ladd said, “Uber has been slow to ramp up its grocery delivery services since launching U.S. grocery delivery on Eats in July 2020.”

“But the latest updates indicate that the company has no intention of sitting back and watching Instacart and DoorDash dominate the third-party service, according to a report from Grocery Dive.”

He added: “I have bad news for Dara Khosrowshahi. The new features announced by Uber Eats will in no way have a significant impact on sales at Instacart or DoorDash.

“In fact, let me be perfectly clear – if this is the best Uber can do when it comes to grocery delivery, I would strongly advise Khosrowshahi to shut down the program and divest the business.”

Ladd said, “I bring a unique perspective to this having spent the past few years working as a consultant for leading global companies in this industry.”

“I know the technology, operations, pricing models, sales and customer behavior data of industry leaders. Uber’s strategy is not enough. Not even close.

Ladd believes that the only way for Uber to become a major player in third-party grocery delivery is to do one or more of the following:

1. Acquire Instacart. “Recent economic events have given Uber a gift. Instacart’s valuation has fallen from $39 billion in 2021 to $14.7 billion today. Uber has a market capitalization of $45.77 billion. Uber may acquire Instacart.

2. Link up with TikTok to reinvent the online grocery ordering and delivery model.

Ladd concluded, “Essentially, create a user experience that allows customers to bypass Instacart and DoorDash. This has incredible potential for Uber in so many ways. Uber needs to do better. End of the story.”

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